Thursday, September 7, 2023

How to make a Devil Fruit Cake

Recently I started helping a friend with her bakery.  I have always loved to bake and making sweet treats, so when she asked me, I was quick to say yes.  She told me that we had an interesting cake request from a customer, but she was not sure exactly what they were asking for.  I have to admit I did not know what a devil fruit cake was at first either but I love to learn new things. I soon found out that they were from the anime series called One Piece.  One Piece is the longest running anime that started back in the late 90s and is still going.  Devil Fruits are very important to the characters of One Piece, because they give the character who eats it special powers. 

We were asked to make three small different devil fruit cakes.  One of the most popular devil fruits is the Gum Gum fruit which belongs to one of the main characters.  We also really liked the heart shape devil fruit called the Ope Ope fruit. 

Each of the cakes have swirls on the outside.  We decided to used fondant to make the swirls and attached it to the outside of the cake. 

This cake is the Chop Chop fruit.  

 We colored and rolled all the swirls for all three cakes and also made the stems out of fondant, hoping they would stay intact.  

They turned out pretty good, the customer was happy. and that's what counts.  There are a few minor things we would do a little differently next time, like color the fondant underneath so there is no white showing through.  We are now working on fall and Halloween items for a neighborhood market and a local festival. Stay tuned to see what we make.   

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