Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Unofficial Start of Summer

Happy almost Memorial Day! It's kind of hard to believe that the unofficial start of summer starts in just a few days. I wrote in previous posts that this May has been a blur. It won't slow down much in the upcoming weeks, because we have things going on pretty much every week until after the 4th of July. 

We survived graduation week. This was the last picture that I took at the graduation.  We thought this picture was really funny when I caught him mid jump. It is a keeper for sure! I am currently planning his graduation party which is planned for mid June. 

While I will be making some custom wrappers for our party,  I did just add some new  printable graduation candy bar wrappers in my Etsy shop this week.  

We are looking forward to having a few extra days off of work to celebrate Memorial Day this year.  We will be attending a cookout, but I am not sure about the rest of the weekend.  If you are having any parties or cookouts that you are going to host or attend,  here are a few of my previous patriotic posts  if you are looking for some new ideas. 

While I originally created this post for 4th of July a few years back, these Easy Pops might be a fun treat for your Memorial Day parties.  I have been asked to bring potato salad to the party we are attending, but I might make these again for the 4th of July.  

If you are out and about buying flowers this weekend, I thought I would share one of my favorite planters I made.  I loved the look of the red, white and blue flowers.  You can read more about how I put it together here.

When it was time to celebrate the 4th, I added these easy fireworks to make it even more festive.  This would be a fun craft to make with kids. 

Whatever you do this during this unofficial first weekend of summer, I hope it is a good one! 



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