Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Our visit to the Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live Glow Party

I am going to start the post right off by saying this is not a sponsored post.  We saw that the Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live Glow Party was going to be in our area, and decided to check it out. We bought our own tickets, where were very affordable. While we do not have younger kids or grandkids, we went to the show without kids and still had a great time.

When we first got to the show we saw some of the cars on the floor doing some practice runs and making sure everything was okay with their cars.    (pictured are Bone Shaker and Race Ace) 

It was nice to see the cars before hand in the light, because they are harder to see once the show starts. In this picture Demo Derby is in the front on the left, Gunkster behind her,and Bone Shaker on the back right.  The reason why I said her when I mentioned Demo Derby is because that truck is driven by a female driver named Taylor Holman.  She is in her mid 20s and grew up around trucks her whole life.  In fact many of the drivers of the other trucks are here family.   Her husband, dad, father in law and uncle are all drivers in the show.  

In this photo you can see the some of the cars lined up before the show.   This is the view from our seats, and from there they really did look like actual Hot Wheels.  Starting from the left are Big Foot, Mega Wrex, Race Ace and Gunkster.  Not pictured are Tiger Shark, Demo Derby, and Bone Shaker.   

During the show we were at Bone Shaker had some mechanical issues and went out after the first competition. 

This show is called a Glow Party for a reason.  All of the vehicles in the show were lit up for most of the show.  Many of the people in audience were given glow sticks and wore glowing bracelets and necklaces. 

About halfway through the show the motocross riders came out and did some amazing jumps and tricks. 

One of the most exciting parts of the show is when Megasaurus made an appearance.  The crowd went wild when the moving dinosaur vehicle eats an actual car.  

While all trucks were amazing, the star of the show had to be the Tiger Shark, who you can see jumping in the video above.  

If would love to go to a fun activity that is good for the entire family definitely check out the upcoming event locations and see if it is going to be in your area.  


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