Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Large Dollar Tree Plus Christmas Gnomes

I heard some news this morning that I am SUPER EXCITED about.  If you saw my reel about my Gnome Shelves in my Dollar Tree Craft Room  over on Instagram you will understand why..  

In fact, I think at times I have a gnome collection problem.  That is why the news I heard today is so exciting. 

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If you do not have a Dollar Tree Plus store in your area, the large 16 inch Plus Holiday Gnomes are now on the Dollar Tree website.  You can find them here.  And even bigger news, you can buy them in quantities of only three!  They could sell out quickly once the word gets out, so if you want them I would buy them sooner than later.  

Also don't forget, if available in your area, you can ship your order to your local store for free!

If you missed my post from last week sharing all of the new adorable Christmas Plus items that are available, you can read that post here. 

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