Friday, October 7, 2022

How to Save Money on Groceries


    Several years ago I wrote a post about how to save money on groceries sharing tips that I used as a single mom. It was a popular post, because everyone likes to save money when they can.  I realized recently that it is definitely time to revisit that post, and update it with new current money saving tips.  

You can read the original post here.

My first tip that I had in that post, is still my first tip in 2022.  Start planning your shopping trip by looking at the sales flyers.  In the last year, our food prices have increased in a huge way because of the inflation, and supply chain issues.  By planning your shopping list  with the items that are on sale, you will save money.   I do get some paper flyers left at our house, but I also check what's on sale by using store apps and websites.  Most stores have access to their sales ads online and coupons in their store apps.  My favorite stores in my area that I shop are Aldi, Meijer, Kroger, Walmart and Target.

Once I have a general idea  of what I might like to buy from the ads, my next step is to check is a website that finds deals and coupons for my selected store for me. My favorite sites are Bargains to BountyLiving Rich with CouponsThe Krazy Coupon Lady, and Totally Target.    These sites are not only helpful with saving money on groceries, but with other household items and gifts as well.  

While paper coupons still exist, unless you subscribe to the newspaper, they are a bit harder to come by as they once were.  I still regularly use coupons, but I use digital coupons from my phone.  Many stores have coupons in their store apps with different names. Just a few examples are Meijer has MPerks, Kroger has Digital Deals, and Target has Circle.  If  you use the website or app, you can use those coupons at many different retailers. Just be sure and activate the coupon in the app before you buy the product. I often activate in while in the store.  I have found that they are often the same coupons that come in paper form in the newspaper, but without the cutting and remembering to bring them with me to the store. 

** this is an affiliate link to Dollar Tree 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am all about shopping at  the Dollar Tree.  This year many Dollar Trees have  expanded their grocery and freezer sections. They offer name brand foods on a regular basis.  In fact, the Old El Paso Street Taco Kit and the frozen Banquet meal pictured were items I found recently at Dollar Tree.  While you probably won't be able to find everything on your grocery list, you can find enough deals to help your food budget.  

Another thing that I like to do to save money is using reward apps that pay me back money on things I was going to buy anyway.   Here are my three favorites. 

Ibotta  is one of my favorite rewards apps.  I have been using it for a long time, and you can be rewarded for shopping at most major retailers, online purchases, restaurants, gas stations, and more. 

Fetch Rewards is another favorite way I earn money back. I earn points on by snapping my receipts, bonus points on many items, and more.  If you use the code PU8JQ, you will receive bonus points just for signing up and snapping a receipt.  You can use your reward points on such gift cards as Amazon, restaurants and other retail stores. 

Another site I have used for many years is my NCP Mobile app.  Back when I first started with National Consumer Panel we were sent a handheld scanner and scanned in our groceries by hand to earn points.  Over the years I have earned hundreds of dollars worth points, and earned some really great rewards.  A couple of years ago they updated their system, so that you can scan your purchases right from your phone.  If you are interested in becoming a NCP member and earning rewards from your grocery purchases, email me, and I will give you a referral code. 

I hope you find these tips helpful, and you too are able to save some money on groceries. 

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