Friday, April 2, 2021

Easy Three Tiered Tray DIY

Tiered trays are extremely trendy right now.  You can find them at many retail stores, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, they are actually very easy to DIY. 

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Depending on what supplies you use, you can make your trays as simple or as fancy as you would like.  I decided for this tray to keep it on the simple side.  At one point, I thought I might paint it a different color, but after putting it together, I liked the silver and glass look.   

I picked out 1 silver charger plate, 1 cake pan, 1 pie pan, and 2 glass candlesticks  from the Dollar Tree.  There are several different types of glues that would work, but I decided to try E6000 this time because of it's strong seal. 

I find it easier to attach the candlesticks to the pans first, and allowing them to set, before putting the tiers all together. 

I centered the middle tier to the the center of the charger plate, and let it set for a bit.  I then centered the top tier to the middle tier, and made sure the candlesticks looked even.  This process can be used to make tiered trays of all kinds.  I have seen some really cool ones made from rectangle trays,  decorated with beads, or even clothes pins.  I already plan on making a rose gold tiered tray with some chargers I found this week for an upcoming birthday party I am planning for a friends big birthday. 

I realized when I was decorating my tiered tray, I did not have a lot of stuff to put on it for Easter.  It will be fun to decorate for all the holidays throughout the year..

What kinds of things do you put on your tiered trays?  

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