Thursday, September 29, 2016

It is time for a "BIG" Birthday Halloween PARTY!

In exactly one month I am having a "BIG" birthday and a party. I love planing birthday parties, but I do admit this one freaks me out a little. (it is a number, I have trouble saying out loud)   Since my birthday is two days before Halloween, we are planning  a Halloween themed Birthday Party for my special day.  

As the birthday girl who is having the big birthday, I want to dress as something special.  I LOVE the newest version of Cinderella, and I really want her gorgeous blue gown from the ball. Oriental Trading has one on their Halloween Costume Page.  They have hundreds of costumes of all kind for men, women, kids and  even your pets. I have not ordered my gown yet, but I will be soon, and I can't wait to wear it!. 

A couple of weeks ago, Oriental Trading  contacted me, and asked me if I would like to review some of their products. Talk about perfect timing! I have bought from the in the past, and I knew they had 1000s of items to choose from.  They sent me the products, and I received them within a couple of days. Since the party is not for a month, this review will be in two parts. Today I will share what I ordered, and later on I will show you how they were used at my party.  All opinions of these products are 100% my own.  

This party will have a little bit of a twist instead of the usual Halloween theme.  Since we can not have the party in a real castle like Cinderella did, we are decorating the party to have a castle feel with a little bit of Halloween thrown in.  The main colors are black, silver and Cinderella blue, with a just a little bit of orange thrown in. (mainly pumpkins and other Halloween decorations)  

These are going to be 3D glittery candelabra centerpieces, and they will go on the main table.  They were shipped flat, so they would not be damaged. 

I am very excited with what we have planned for the photo booth.  We are going to wrap that stone wall backdrop around tall boxes to look like castle towers.  I am trying out the costume props (lips, glasses, and mustaches) and have them ready for the guests to use in their pictures. We are also going to have a few boas, crazy hats, and large wooden picture frames on hand.

Between the castle towers of the photo booth, we will be hanging the Cinderella Happy Birthday banner that has a place to put your age.  I also choose silver balloons, and a roll of silver ribbon. Not pictured is a large roll of black plastic to use for tablecloths, and other decor. The item in the middle with the arrow, is actually from their clearance supplies, but perfect for the Cinderella theme.  They are count down paper fans that have the arrows pointed to almost midnight. I picked out blue, silver and, Cinderella themed napkins that will be on the food and cake table.  

In the next few weeks I will be sharing a few of the more party ideas that we are using for the party. I have some ideas for dollar store pumpkins, party trays and treats. 

Are you looking for more Halloween ideas?   The Free-N-Fun Halloween site has a ton of great costume, treat and craft ideas that are for all ages and all kinds of parties.. There are several things on that site like the Monster Munch Popcorn, that I am thinking about using for my own party.  


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