Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dare to Share #123

                        Another week has come and gone.. So you know what that means..  

It is time for Dare to Share.  

How has your week been going.. We still have a few weeks before we go back to school, but our days are starting to fill up with back to school activities. We have been doing to dr and dentist appointments, and buying needed items..  Next week it will be haircuts and registration days.  The summer seemed to go really fast this year.  Have you noticed that to? 

This week I had planned on working on a couple of projects. One of those projects needed Wilton Candy Melts.  I found that I had several bags that I had forgotten about in my stash.  I wondered if any of them had gone bad.  When I could not find the expiration date, I did some research..  What I found  surprised me, and I shared how to find out how old each bag is with my How to know if your candy melts have expired post. 

One thing good about having middle and high school students is they do not really need a lot of school supplies.  Mostly just binders, notebooks,  pens and pencils.  The only one of my three kids who needed a special calculator already has one, bought last year on Ebay.  Only one child needed a new backpack and to her luck, her first choice was on sale AND had a 10% off cartwheel coupon.  I think I see another post coming on with how to save money on school supplies. :)  This year we do have an expense we do not usually have...  Senior pictures.. eek! 

Did you see the Features of the Day this week.. This time they are all very different.   I really loved this Crab Shack Birthday party by Home. Make. Interest.  There were so many fun ideas, that are super cute. 

If you are a blogger who would like to have a Hello Bar installed on your blog.  Kathe with an E has a great tutorial that explains how to do it. 

I love the colors on this Neon Summer Candle by The Crafty Lumberjacks. What is great about his technique is you can customize your candles with different colors for different seasons. 

My co-host Kim has a great post this week with hosting tips that everyone should think about when they are throwing a party.  

Now it is time for this week's party.   You are welcome to share anything that you would like to share.  Your post will be visible on two sites, this one and  Kandy Kreations . If you are chosen as a Dare to Share Feature of the Day, your post will be promoted on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+.  

Now link up and HAVE FUN!! 



  1. Thanks for featuring our Crab Shack party! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Thanks for hosting Pam!

  3. Thanks for hosting Pam, have a great weekend! ;-)


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