Sunday, July 20, 2014

Butterfly Party Ideas

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products I used during this party. All opinions are 100% mine.  

Our Butterfly Party Dessert Table

My daughter has always been an animal lover.  She has had many parties based on animals such as her Cat Party, Zoo Party, and Woodland Animal Party.  This year she decided to go with another animal, and do a Butterfly theme.  

Colorful Butterfly Cupcakes with Edible Butterflies

We made basic cupcakes with white frosting, because the large edible butterflies  
were so colorful and beautiful.  They really did look like real butterflies sitting on top of the cupcakes. . 

Chocolate Butterfly Snack Cakes

I will be sharing how I made the Butterfly Swiss Cake Rolls in a tutorial later this week.  

Butterfly themed Oreo cookies

We had decided to make some Oreo Cookie Butterflies as a treat.  We found something similar online here.   Kara did not want to add frosting and wanted to make large spots in the corners of the wings so our butterflies look a little bit different (and messier) than the original. We also changed the antennae color,because most of us do not like black licorice.   The girls thought they still taste great, even though they were not perfect.  

Butterfly Pepperoni Pizza Salad

 Now that my daughter is a teenager, she wanted her party to be a little more casual.  We served dinner type of foods because it was a slumber party, and started late in the afternoon. She did not want me to make fancy names for the menu, which was okay by me.  I still snuck in some Butterfly Pizza Salad though.  I have made this for past parties, and you can find the recipe here (Pepperoni Pasta Salad)  For the rest of the menu we picked had pizza, bbq meatballs, chips and pop.  I had planned on putting out some fruit too, but all of the girls said they had more than enough food.

Painted Butterfly Goodie Bags

The goody bags were just white bags from the dollar store painted with this Butterfly Stencil
In the goody bags we had mini notebooks, decorative mirrors, ice cream erasers, butterfly and flower shaped frames from the dollar spot, and butterfly candy bags. You will see the candy bags shared in another post.  

Butterfly Party Decor

We had a lot of fun decorating for this party.  There were  butterflies everywhere.  It felt like we were in a butterfly enclosure.  We used these Colorful Butterfly Decals . mini paper butterflies from a paper punch, and three dimensional butterflies from the craft store.   The large tissue paper flowers were from a tutorial on Uncommon Designs. They turned out so cool looking. The only thing I changed from their pattern  was I did not add the largest petals.

Butterfly House Enclosure

I found this awesome tabletop greenhouse on our last trip to Ikea, I knew it would be perfect to turn into a Butterfly House Centerpiece.  We put in some flowers, and several realistic butterflies.  Now that the party is over, we can use the greenhouse for actual plants.  

We had a few activities and a snack planned for the party that we did not end up doing,  Kara told me that she did not want planned activities and games, but to leave them as optional if they felt like doing them.  Again it took the pressure off of me at the party but I still want to share them here on the blog.  Watch for those tutorials in the next week or two.  


  1. Those edible butterflies are awesome! And, I love that little greenhouse. :)

  2. These are so pretty! Great post!

  3. Oh, I love butterflies!!! I even created a tableau mariage for my wedding with a rainbow of paper butterflies, maybe that could be another idea for a future party! :-)

  4. I am following you on Bloglovin. I love butterflies too. Love the edible butterflies on your cupcakes. Lovely!

    1. Thank you! I have some funny pictures of my daughter and her friend eating them but she did not want me posting them. :)


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