Monday, July 28, 2014

Butterfly Party Decor

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products used doing this party. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Butterfly Party Treats and Decor at Pams Party and Practical Tips

Last week I shared a highlight post about our Butterfly Party we had for my daughter's birthday. Today I am going to share more pictures of our butterfly decor that were not included in that post.  

Decorated name sign for a butterfly party at Pams Party and Practical TIps

Behind the dessert table, we made a special name sign.  I found these letters for only $1 each at Michaels Crafts.  They were in a bin in the party and gift area of the store.  They are made out of sturdy chipboard, and perfect for painting or covering with scrapbook paper.  I had Kara paint the letters anyway she wanted to  I love the ombre look on the K.  We not realize that she had painted the wrong side of the K until she was done.  (No one at the party noticed)   We added paper butterflies that we made from a Butterfly Paper Punch .

Paper flower at Butterfly Party at Pams Party and Practical Tips

In the family room we hung several paper large paper flowers.  We used the tutorial from Uncommon Designs. We loved how they turned out, and they might still be hanging up a week later.   

Butterfly Chair Decor at Pams Party and Practical Tips

The chairs in the kitchen were also dressed up for the party.  I tied spools of tulle around the chairs in the shape of a butterfly. In the middle I attached a nylon craft butterfly.

Butterfly House Centerpiece at Pams Party and Practical Tips

In the center of the kitchen table was small greenhouse turned into a butterfly house that I found at Ikea.   It was a lot of fun to put together, and looked like it could be real with some of the realistic looking  butterflies we found at the craft store.  

Butterfly House for Butterfly Party at Pams Party ad Practical Tips

Here is another view of the inside. 

Butterfly Mason Jars at Butterfly Party at Pams Party and Practical Tips

I decorated some small Mason jars with paper butterflies and curling ribbon.  I found the butterfly straws at JoAnns on clearance for on thirty cents.  Each of the girls chose a color so they knew which glass was theirs.  It was an easy way to keep track without actually writing on the jars.  

Butterfly Flower Decor at Butterfly Party

We had wild flowers all over the house.  These were found in a vase in the bathroom.  We used one of the Colorful Butterfly Decals

Butterfly Sign at Butterfly Party

Near the front door I hung a wooden butterfly that Kara had painted.  She had planned on adding some more detail, but ran out of time. She will still finish it at a later time. I found the wooden butterfly at Michaels Crafts for just a couple of dollars.  

There were literally butterflies everywhere in several rooms of the house, and it really did feel like we were in a butterfly disclosure.  It was so much fun getting ready for this party. 


  1. Such a cute idea....I love the thought of a butterfly party.

    1. It was a fun theme to plan so I was very happy that my daughter chose it. She tends to go with animal themes

  2. So cute! My daughter's room is done in butterflies. I can use some of these ideas for her room :)

    1. When my daughter was younger she had ladybugs.. Now that she is older she loves butterflies.. It is a great theme that can grow with the child. :)

  3. These are beautiful! You are way more creative than I am. Love these ideas!! Pinning so some friends can see them, too!

  4. My daughter loves butterflies. She would love everything about this party. It is so cute!

    1. Thank you so much Shambray.. Because my daughter loves butterflies so much, we may still have some of the decorations still up two weeks later.. :)


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