Thursday, October 24, 2013

Small Wall Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent product for this review and giveaway.  All opinions are 100$ mine. 

Recently I was given the opportunity to try out a product called Small Wall.  Haven't heard of  Small Wall yet?  They are an awesome product to use when you are planning to paint a room, and are unsure what color to paint.  Small Wall gives you the chance to test out your paint color on the walls of your room, without actually painting them.    I was sent the packs that came with two 12" x 12" squares. 

If you try a color, and decide it is too bright, that's okay, you can  use the same sample board, and paint over it again.  The adhesive back  also makes it easy to reposition the board  in different parts of the room to how it looks in different types of light.  

Another great thing about Small Wall  boards is they don't need to just be used to sample paint colors. You can use them in many different  types of crafts.  I painted one of them  with a couple coats of chalkboard paint, and turned it into a message board.  I placed on the door, right as you come into our house. It  is the perfect place for my family to see important messages. 

I also made an accessory board for Kara using a Small Wall board.  I bought the biggest frame I could find from the dollar store, which was 11" x 14". I removed the glass, and trimmed  an inch off the bottom of the board. I added some clear hooks, and then hung up her necklaces and a bracelet.  Since the frame was slightly longer than the board, placed some light purple paper on the sides.

I know this picture is kind of hard to see.  My family room is long, and it is hard to get the whole wall in the frame.  I thought I would try a pop of color to accent my fireplace wall.  I chose my two favorite fall colors, orange and burgundy.  I am thinking about using them as virtual frames and hanging a decoration of some kind on the boards. Since you can use the boards, again and again, the colors can change with the seasons or holiday.  I  have also thought about adding some embellishment on the boards with a stamp or a stencil.   I  can already picture blue boards with snowflakes for the winter months. 

Do you have any ideas on what you would want to do with a package of Small Wall boards? Well  you are in luck, I have three packages to giveaway. 


  1. What a super cool idea! I'd probably use them for craftiness.

  2. I have seen these your ideas to use them for crafts!

  3. Looks fun! I love how many different things you can do with it. very cool!

  4. I think I would use it for the intended purpose, I hate choosing colors and I usually end up with paint chips taped to my walls for a few days. Having these large squares will help me to decide what color I want so much easier

  5. wow living in an apartment, these would be handy to add some color!!

  6. We just moved and I would LOVE to have some of these!!

  7. Never heard or seen these before. I would have to hide them from my kids,lol.


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