Friday, October 11, 2013

How to Earn Extra Spending Money For Christmas

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links 

I have been thinking about writing this post for about a week. We have had a few weeks of warm, beautiful weather here, which has tricked my mind into thinking there is plenty of time.  I was blissfully in denial that Christmas is only 2 months away, that is until I saw this.. 

If you follow me on Instagram you saw me share this photo a few days ago.. Yes, that really is Christmas decorations already on the shelves in TARGET! Most of the stores are starting to prepare, so it would probably be a good thing for us to prepare too.  

How to Earn Extra Money By Christmas

If you want to earn a little bit of extra spending money in time for Christmas shopping, I am going to share my favorite apps and websites. ** I do need to disclose that some of these sites are affiliate links, but that doesn't sway my opinion.  I really use all of them, and love them enough to recommend them.   

Ibotta has to be one of the easiest sites to use.  You earn money when you buy items you were already planning  to buy anyway. Ibotta works at 50 of your favorite retailers and is beginning to add restaurants too.  New users can also earn an extra $10 welcome bonus, and you can request a payout as soon as you earn $5.  

 Jingit is also super easy to use. Watch a short video, and answer a couple of questions for instant money online. Check in at your favorite stores with the Jingit ap  to earn even more money and cash back  offers. 

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If you are on Twitter, another quick and easy way to earn some extra money is Sponsored Tweets.  Brands will pay you to post a tweet about them. It is up to you which tweets you want to post, and you can turn down the ones you feel are not a good fit for you.  The suggested price of the tweet is based on the number of followers you have, but you can also chose how much you want to be paid. You do not need a high number of followers to join, and as your following grows  so does the money you earn.  

Opinion Outpost  is one of my favorite survey sites, that I really do use.  They have a lot of fun surveys, and are quick to pay. You can request a payout as low as $10. 

Here are a few other places where you can earn extra money, but probably not in time for Christmas. I thought I would share them now, in case you want to start saving for next Christmas. 

If you like to write and have something that you are passionate about, you might consider writing articles for Examiner.  I have been a frugal family examiner for the last two years. Earnings are really up to you.  The more you write, the more you can earn.   

Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!

If you have a blog and want to write sponsored posts, a good place to work with is Social Spark.  Once you sign up, you will be sent leads from different advertisers.  If you like the lead, let them know you are interested. If you don't, you can turn it down.  You can set the price that you want to be paid. Not every lead will turn into a post opportunity, but if you are active on the site you will find that many of them do.  

I hope you likes these sites as much as I do.  

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