Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dare to Share #67

Normally this is when I say, it's Friday so you know what that means.  As you know this is not a normal week, so instead...  It's Saturday, it's time for Dare to Share.  

The  Art party is currently going on.  Kara has 3 of her best friends over for a night of creative fun. Right now they are sitting at the kitchen table enjoying some painting time. 

One reason why our week was not normal is from an overnight ordeal on Wednesday night.  It has thrown off our entire week, and we are still trying to get back in to our routine.  On Wednesday we were heading to the Toledo train station to pick up my mom.  We decided to stop at Cabelas on the way, and spend a few hours doing something we had never done before.  They have incredible animals exhibits, and even an aquarium in their store.  Kyle really liked seeing this big brown bear up close.   While we were there my mom called to say that they had left the Chicago station on time. We were excited about that, because we did not want to repeat the 2-3 hour delay that happened last time.  If we only knew that our night was going to be much, much worse  this time around.  Unfortunately, there had been a freight train derailment on the Indiana/Ohio border.  The engineers on her train knew of the derailment, but decided to leave anyway.  Someone had made the decision to reroute her train on the freight train's track.  This decision ended up being a colossal mistake! When we got to the station, we were told that  they were hoping for a 1 a.m. arrival time. All of the stations they had missed by being rerouted, sent their  passengers to Toledo by bus, causing the station to become very crowded.   1 a.m. came and went.  We were then told, 2 a.m., 2:45 a.m., and 3:45 a.m.  Around that time the passengers who were to get on my mom's train when it finally arrived were given their tickets, since they had been bused in.  They were also told that the train would be here shortly. Around 4 a.m., we were all surprised to find out that the train that had left Chicago 4 hours LATER than the train we were waiting for, was now arriving.  We were told since our train was being rerouted and needed to back into the station that it would have to wait until the other train left.  That train left the station around 4:30 a.m. We were told that the train were nearby, but that was not the case. It finally pulled into the station around 6:15 a.m.  Seven plus hours later than they were supposed to arrive.  The passengers who should have had a 4 hour ride, instead were on the train for almost 12 hours.  We then had to wait another good 30 minutes for her bags, and then had an hour drive home.  We finally arrived home at 7:40 a.m. Since it was extremely difficult to sleep in a train station, none of us had any sleep that night.  The kids slept the entire day after we got home.  I only had 4 hours of sleep, because I had a lot to get done.  I am still not fully back on my normal schedule.

Because of our crazy week, I also  did not have much computer time.  I was able to get in a couple of amazing features this week.  Did you have a chance to see them?  If you didn't here is another chance. 

DIY Pallet Bench by the Thrifty Ninja
Mini Cheesecakes with dulce de leche and Oreos by Something Sweet

Now it is time for this week's party!  You are welcome to share anything that you would like to share.  I don't require you to become a follower to link up, but I would sure love it if  you did.  If you are chosen as a Feature of the Day, your post will be shared on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and G+.

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  1. Oh you poor thing. Sometimes public transportation can be a colossal pain in the neck. Not looking forward to two weeks from now when I go on vacation and have to fly. Thanks for hosting! :-)

    1. This was the third time we have used this particular train company, and the third time we have had problems with late trains. We would not use them at all, if it wasn't the best way for my mom to come visit. Next year we are not even going to leave to pick her up until she at or very near the station.


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