Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer T Shirt Backpacks

Last summer I shared a post about the T Shirt backpacks I made for our  trip to Cedar Point.  After using my backpack all day  today for Field Day, I knew I would have to share it again.   This little backpack I made from 2 T Shirts I got from Michaels for a total of $5, has been a much used accessory.  

In the last year I have more than 10 times
I took it to Cedar Point 3 times,
I  took it  to the zoo twice
I took it  to Frankenmuth
I took it  to the County Fair twice
I  took it  to 2 local festivals
I took it on a 3 mile walk with the Girl Scouts

All together counting today, that is at least 12 times and it is still holding up very well.  I bring it whenever I don't want to carry a heavy purse, but have things I need  to carry.  


While the rectangle is not completely straight, I wanted to show you were you will be cutting the T shirt.  Cut a rectangle that is 13"  x 8" through both layers of the body of the T shirt.  I also added a liner to my backpack so I cut a second set of  rectangles from a white T. 

Stack the layers of the fabric, with the liner on the outside.  

Stitch around 3 sides, leaving one of the 8 inch sides open.  Turn that edge down about 1 inch.  This will be the casing for the straps. You can either hand stitch it, or use a machine to make the seam.  When finished, turn the bag right side out so the liner is on the inside.

This is what the bags will look like before the straps are added. 

Cut small slits through all 4 layers in the bottom  two corners of the bag.  The slit in this picture is actually a little bit too big. If that happens you can close it with a few stitches in a later step.

To make the straps you will use what is left of your T shirt.  There should be a little bit left on each side of the shirt.  Cut the entire length of the shirt keeping the shoulder seam intact. 

To make it easier than trying to force the strap through the entire casing, I cut 4 small slits (2 on each side) on each side of the bag.  You will add the straps one at a time with each one coming out on the opposite side of the bag. In the picture you can see that  one of the straps is has been threaded through with it ends coming out on the side of the bag you can not see.  The second strap comes out on this side.  

This is what it will look like when the straps are put in correctly

Thread the straps through the slits on the bottom of the bag, and double know. If the slit is too big, secure it with a few extra stitches. 

I made this backpack for Kara. She has used hers several times as well. We both love how lightweight and comfortable they are to wear. 

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