Monday, February 21, 2011

Digging Out and (NOT) Doing Deals

*** This picture is not of anyone  I know, but a familar site where I live right now.

We got hit with another big snow storm last night.  This one actually gave us more snow than the blizzard a few weeks ago.    I do hope to get out and do a few deals today that are through today only.  Hopefully I will be posting  them very soon..  

Update..  I did not actually make it out to do  any  deals.   The roads are very bad, and my car got stuck at the end of the sub. Luckily I  was able to back out and get free.  I went to the corner gas station and put  a little bit of gas in my car since it was almost empty, turned around and went HOME.   The only deal that I will miss out on that I really wanted to do is the Staples FREE paper rebate that is was only through today.  I should be able to do everything else tomorrow. 

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