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Baby Woodland Animal Baby Shower

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This weekend we had a baby shower for my bonus daughter and soon to be grand daughter.  I had so much fun planning the shower.  I made all of the decorations from my Canva account, and bought few items from the Dollar Tree. I plan on adding a baby shower kit to my Etsy Shop soon. 

Mom and Dad-to-be love nature, and are always doing something outside, so a baby woodland animal theme was a no brainer. I also had some really cute woodland animal graphics with the perfect colors for a baby girl. 

I made this banner which we hung in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of it hanging up. After the party I gave it to the parents-to-be so they can use it again if they would like to. Each piece of the banner is an 8.5" x 11" piece of printer paper, so it is pretty large.  It would be easy to adjust the size, if a smaller banner is needed.  

If you are looking for a girl or boy balloon, be sure to check the Dollar Tree.  I found this one a day or two before the shower. 

 Another item I used from the Dollar Tree were these fairy garden mushroom houses.   The mushrooms are normally red, I painted a few pink, and a few light green which were our party colors. They looked so cute. 


I found these green frames at the Dollar Tree.  In addition to this little deer, I also had a framed hedgehog and a framed skunk. Each frame was decorated with pink roses.  

 I used another frame on our make your own trail mix table.  

On the trail mix bar I used twelve plastic bowls from the Dollar Tree.  The mom-to-be is gluten free, so we had several gluten free options available for her to make some trail mix too. 
The gluten free options  we had were Corn Chex Cereal, Honey Nut Chex Cereal, Limited Edition Berry Cheerios, Snyders GF Pretzels, and Dandies Marshmallows.  We also had regular marshmallows, regular mini pretzels, M & Ms, chocolate chips, Haribo gummy bears, Planters peanuts, and dried cherries. She was able to eat some of those items as well.  The little circles one the bowls had the names of the items and marked the gluten free options. 

I made these animal signs and used them through out the party. We bought this little rose for the mom-to-be. The skunk is the dad's favorite animal, and deer represents mom who is mama deer.  

A fun addition to our food was this hedgehog watermelon. I have made hedgehog watermelon before, like the one I made for my daughters Woodland themed birthday party.

We had a pretty healthy menu at the shower. We served fruits and vegetables in plastic serving cups from Dollar Tree. We did this before at my bonus son's graduation party and at my bonus daughter's wedding reception.  I like doing this for many reasons,but especially because it is a great way to keep germ sharing at a minimum. It is also great portion control. 

In addition to the fruits and vegetables, we had chicken salad croissant sandwiches. 

We also had these appetizer skewers. They were so good, and the perfect size for a party. 

 The cupcakes were gluten free, and made to look like pink and green mushrooms.  The cupcake toppers were each of the woodland animals.  I don't normally eat gluten free cupcakes but they really good, and we only had a couple left by the end of the shower.  

We played several games at the shower.  The baby bump game I found at the Dollar Tree.  Each participant cuts a plastic strip guessing the size of mom's baby bump. Maybe it was because I have had three babies, but I guessed exactly right. My sister-in-law who also has three babies was only an inch off.  Not pictured is the diaper game we played.  We used some cheap diapers, and melted miniature candy bars. Each person playing had to guess the candy bar by looking at and smelling it.  We bought the mini candy bars at Dollar Tree where we found Snickers, Hershey's, Milky Way, Three Musketeers, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat, and Crunch.  

The three other games we played was guess when baby will be born, a word scramble and a celebrity baby name matching game.   As a keepsake for the new baby everyone filled out a Wishes for Baby sheet that she can read someday.  There were some really sweet wishes. 

Since I was the one of the hosts, I did not get a few pictures of all the printables I made for the party.  This is not everything since some of it went home with the parents to be, but you can see in the invitation, some of the signs, and some of the animal pics.  

Now we wait a few weeks to see who will win the guessing what day she will be born game. :) 

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