Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Our Summer so Far

I know I have been teasing this post for a couple of weeks now.  I think the last two weeks have been the busiest so far this year.  On June 1st we went to Logan Wilson's Celebrity Softball game. If you do not know you Logan Wilson is, he is a linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals and he brought together most of the team to raise money for the Brooks Joshua Anderson Foundation. Brooks Joshua was a sweet baby boy who died unexpectedly from SIDS. Logan Wilson is close with the Anderson Family, so this cause is close to his heart. 

Many of the Bengals players were there, and we were seated just a few feet away.  It was nice to see their personalities when they were having fun for a good cause. 

After the game, the players met and gave autographs to some of the people in attendance. 

This is Amarius Mims our first round draft pick.  He is a very large man. His stats say he is 6' 8", and 340 lbs.  It was so much fun watching him having fun with the team, and he proved it can run.  

Let's talk about this guy... Evan McPherson!  He is the kicker for the Bengals. We were so impressed with his athletic skills during the game.  Not only is he a great kicker, but he can also hit and catch! He could easily play professional baseball if he chose too.  He had 3 home runs during the game, and won MVP!  This is going to be an annual fundraiser event, and we will definitely be going back. 

On June 2, we attended the Strawberry Festival in Troy, Ohio. It is a great place to go if you love strawberries.  

If you were a music fan in the 90s to early 00s, you will recognize who we went to see in concert this past Saturday.  It was Joey Fatone and AJ McLean, and their Legendary Night Tour.  I have to admit I was fan girling pretty hard.  I love NSync and the Backstreet Boys! We also heard Joey say something out of his own mouth, there will most likely be a NSync reunion tour soon. I plan on going when it actually happens. 

AJ debuted some new songs that he will be releasing soon.  I am sure one in particular will become a new fan favorite.  He looked amazing, and shared the news that he is feeling great. He is up on coming up on his 3rd year of being sober.  He brought many of those in the audience to happy tears :) 

We have several more fun events coming up this summer. If they go as well as the first part of June, I will be happy.  

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