Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Kick Off to Summer

I hope you had a Happy Memorial Day! 

As you may have noticed, there was not a Dare to Share party this past Friday. I did not mention it at the last party, but I have been dealing with a pretty strong respiratory virus for the last two weeks. (yes, I caught it from one of the kids at work)  It started out as a normal cold the first week, and then last week it turned into something more. I have been congested and coughing for several days. I have been medicated, but it did not help that much.  During my time off work, I was resting a lot and not on my computer during that time. Since I was not using my computer, it was not until last night (Monday) that I wondered to myself if I posted the party this weekend.  When I am out of my routine, I find that things occasionally slip my mind like the party did this weekend.   I am finally starting to feel better, and this week will hopefully find things back to normal.  

Since it is almost June, I thought I would share what I will be up to in the next few weeks.   We will be attending a wedding, a celebrity softball game, and a concert.  June is turning out to be a very busy month, not only will we be getting ready for another outdoor market, but I am also planning a baby shower for my bonus daughter that will be in early July. 

I created this summer bucket list for my Etsy Shop a year or two ago.  I just printed out a new copy to fill out this summer. It is a lot of fun to see how many fun things you did over the summer months.  

Our June market is going to be beach themed.  I originally made these beach party marshmallow pops for my daughter's Beach Bash Birthday Party  many years ago.  It was one of her favorite parties, and fun was had by all. Hopefully we will have much better weather for the next market.  

Another memorable treat I made for her beach bash birthday were these crabby chicken sandwiches.  They were not that hard to make, and a huge hit with the kids.  They could make a great addition to your summer party.  

What are your summer plans this year?  

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