Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Are you ready for Halloween? Here are must see Halloween finds!


Are you ready for Halloween?  I am on the fence about rushing into fall, but I do love Halloween.   While it is still the middle of summer, August starts in just a couple of days. Once August is here, you start thinking of back to school and fall.  Then before you know it, BAM.. it's Spooky Season!  One reason I am posting about Halloween in July is I have been finding some amazing Halloween finds already at the Dollar Tree in both the regular aisles, and the Plus aisle.  If you are a Dollar Tree shopper you know that things sell out very quickly.  I start buying items for Halloween a week or two ago.  I want to share what I found, so you can watch for them too.  

** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links

I am going to start with my Plus aisle finds. I LOVE their easel signs.  I bought this one, and would have bought a few others, but they were already gone.   I am searching for the orange Hocus Pocus Candy Shop sign and maybe the white one too.  You can see all four signs available here.

These Halloween table decor signs are huge, and very cute.  This Be Our Ghost sign is  my favorite.  They also have a Magic Happens with witch hats, and a Spooktacular with skulls.  You can see all three of them here.  

I was so excited to find this Hocus Pocus tray.  It flew into my cart. :) They have this style, and two other spooky styles that you can see here.

I have been hearing a lot of good things about these large solar lanterns. They are the size of a regular lantern, and give off a lot of light.  In addition to the Halloween Lanterns, they also have a black everydat lantern that I just found for 50% off ($2.50) that will work great for Halloween.  


If you have followed me for awhile, you know that I am a big fan of gnomes.  I just happened to have been in the Dollar Tree when they were opening the boxes for these amazing Halloween gnomes.  They are huge and only $3!  I could not decide which ones I wanted the most, and bought one of each.   They available on the website, which you can see here.

I bought this Halloween projector, but have not tried it yet.  I know they work well in small dark spaces.  They have different scenes which you can see more about here.

I also bought this LED shadow light and wish I got a couple more.  I have seen a few people on YouTube show how these work and they are really cool.  I will be hopefully sharing mine on Instagram very soon! (Be sure to check over on Instagram for more Halloween and other Dollar Tree reels!)  I am not seeing the projector lights on the website yet, but keep an eye open at the stores.

Did you know that Dollar Tree has 4ft Halloween inflatables for $5.  They are a little different than the large inflatables from others stores.  They do not plug in, instead you weight it down with water then use an air pump to inflate it.  I bought the pumpkins inflatable (it's still in it's box)   They have several other versions which you can see here.

I also bought the black tiered tray/cupcake holder.  It's currently in the box in the back of my car, but will be on display soon.   If you love the look of tiered trays but not the high price of some stores, you will like the plus aisles price of $5.  You can see more information about these trays here.

While I have not seen these in my stores yet, I am excited about both versions of the Halloween solar lights. I can't decide between the black lantern style lights or the colorful tombstone lights. All I know is Dollar Tree solar lights work really well, and are a great price. 

Even if you are not in the Halloween mood yet, pick up these items as you see them, so when you are ready you will have everything on hand.  If you wait until closer to Halloween some of these item will no longer be available because things sell out quickly at the Dollar Tree.  

If you do decide you would prefer to buy online, you are in luck!  Now between the dates of July 27 and Aug 7, shipping will be 50% off with the exclusive code SCHOOL23.  You can buy anything on their website with that code, not just school supplies.    Happy Shopping! 

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