Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Graduation Party Ideas


It's that time of year again, it's graduation season.  It's hard to believe how fast this last year went, and that it is already the end of school year.  This year I will be involved in two graduation ceremonies/parties.   My new job is at a preschool and daycare, and we will be having a graduation ceremony for the kids who are moving on to kindergarten next year in early June.  If everything goes well in the next few weeks, I am also planning a graduation party for my bonus son.  I have been picking up a lot of graduation party items from the Dollar Tree to prepare for our party sometime this summer. 

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While I have bought more than what is posted, here are some of my favorite items so far. 

I bought this sign from the Dollar Tree. I think is would look great in photos  while being held by the graduate.  

We are going to use this as the cake topper. It has a nice elegant look. 

I am not sure what I am going to do with this graduation cap yet, but I really liked the size of it. 

These party picks are new for 2023.  They would look great with various party foods. You get 24 per pack.    Also available are picks that say Class of 2023

I plan on hanging this 2023 graduation banner on a long wall in the dining room or in our main hallway. 

If you plan on having a photo booth, these photo props will be fun and inexpensive to use. 

How adorable are these graduation gnomes! When I saw them I just had to get them to add to my gnome collection.  

I picked up these led number lights recently.  I can not find them on the website, but if you see them grab them, because they were going fast! 

We are still in the early phases of the planning our party, so there will be more posts with food and other ideas in the coming weeks.  Did you know that on the Dollar Tree website there is a value seekers blog with a lot of graduation ideas ?  There are many great ideas over there, so be sure to stop over and check it out. 

Over in my Etsy Shop I have a few graduation party listings currently available like this chocolate bar wrappers. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding several more items for this graduation season.  

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