Thursday, January 26, 2023

Our Dollar Tree Craft Class

Last week I mentioned that I had joined a newly formed Dollar Tree craft group in my area, and that I would be teaching our first group craft.   Since it will soon be Valentine's Day, I wanted to share a craft that fit the Valentine theme.  I chose the Faux Valentines Day Cake. (I shared how to make one, last week)  It was something a little bit different, and there was so many ways it could be changed to make it their own. 

We had eleven people who were able to make it to the class at our local library.  Everyone was so nice, and happy to be there.  We had the room for two hours, so after we introduced ourselves to the the group we got started with the craft.  

The attendees had been given a basic list of supplies before the class and told that the could buy whatever colors and embellishments that wanted. They were told to bring a paper mache box, adhesive paper or craft foam, some embellishments and either caulk or spackle. All of the supplies on the list could be found at the Dollar Tree.   Not everyone who attended was able to find the caulk or spackle at their Dollar Tree.  A couple of people chose to bring spring embellishments instead of Valentines Day.  The class was not really just about making the craft, but about meeting new people, being creative, and having fun. 

I loved seeing how people took the same concept, and put their own spin on it.  All of the boxes looked very different. 

Everyone who attended had fun making their creations, including the four year old granddaughter one of of the students. 

It was so cute listening to her say how much fun she was having making a creation. She really liked being included in the class.  Everyone thought she did a great job!

I am not sure what our next month's craft will be, or who will be teaching it yet.  I just know that I look forward to the next class what ever it we are making.    

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