Saturday, September 17, 2022

It's the Dare to Share Saturday Party

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Do you have any big plans this weekend? This is going to be a family reunion weekend for me of sorts.  My mom is having her high school reunion, and will be visiting Ohio in the town she grew up in. I will be able to visit with her and my brother again, since she will be not too far away for her reunion.  Being able to visit with my mom two times in only two months is very unusual, since we live so far apart.  I also have plans to reunite with my best friend from my high school/college days this weekend.  She was like a sister to me, but once we got married, had kids, and lived in different states we kind of lost touch with each other.  I ran into her younger brother a month ago, and I was able to reconnect with her.  We have not seen each other in person since when were pregnant with our children who are now 21.  I am sure we will have a lot to catch up on. I am so excited to see her again. 

What are your plans this weekend?

My other update is about my new job tutoring online.  I finished my certification process, and I am now just waiting for my background check to go through.  Since I will be teaching again, and I know there are readers who are also teachers, I wanted to some something really cool that I just found out today.  Have  you ever heard of the website Creative Fabrica?  I may have mentioned it a time or two on my blog.  LOL!  Well I found out today that they have a teachers program where you can have access to their teacher resources (lessons, worksheets, games, holiday items, clipart and more) If you get a Teacher Club Card for $2.99 a YEAR, you can download 5 teaching resources per week.  If you upgrade your membership to access the entire site (clipart, svgs, patterns, templates and more)  you have access to all of the teacher resources on their site, and there is A LOT.   They also have a teacher selling program where you can sell your items (like on TPT) and you get 100% of the profit. I wish I knew of this earlier.  

I have been busy writing posts this week and working on my Etsy shop, while waiting on my tutor job to start.   

On my post Beautiful Dinnerware Perfect for a Party  I shared the about the gorgeous pumpkin dinnerware (both real and paper) that Dollar Tree has available on their website and in their stores (if you can find them) They truly are gorgeous and would be a pretty table setting for Thanksgiving this year.  At only $1.25 a dish, affordable as well.   

My other post this week is also Dollar Tree related. On Instagram (you can find me at PamsPartyPlanning) I have a rather large following of people who want to see what is new at the Dollar Tree. Pretty much daily, I get messages from people who are complaining that they can't find anything at their store,  or my store is so much better than theirs.  The truth is it is just an average store, so I decided to share my Best Dollar Tree Secrets.   By using these tips, I am able to find great finds at all Dollar Trees I visit, and I am teaching others how they can to. 

One last thing, and then I will get this party started.  We are getting close to October and Spooky Season. Have you ever Booed your neighbors?  It is a lot of fun, and we looked forward to it every year when my kids were growing up. I have several "You've Been Booed Bundles" available in my Etsy Shop which you can see by searching DancingUnicornbyPam on Etsy or here,   if you would like to check them out.  It is a great way for  you and your neighbors or friends can join in the fun of the season too.  

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