Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I Survived My Move!


Let me just say up front, I hate moving.  One reason why I stayed in an apartment I did not like for so long, is because I hate moving more than I hated the apartment. I did find out some interesting information while we were packing the truck from some of the neighbors. It seems like I was getting out just at the right time.  Our apartment complex has recently gotten new management, and many of the tenants are being asked to leave, and not allowed to resign their leases. There will be a mass exodus in the next few months.   I did receive a letter in May asking if I wanted to resign a lease at another big increase, but that may have been before the management change.  

Thankfully we were able to get a U-haul without any issues, and my boyfriend is an excellent packer. Not everyone who wanted a U-haul that week were able to get one.   I also had some good friends who were able to help with the packing, and also take things to donation sites.  Even with all the help, the move still took longer than planned and we needed one extra day to finish loading everything, and time to clean the apartment.  Once in Ohio on Friday night, the truck and cars were completely unloaded and items were placed in the garage. In the days since, we have moved some things around, but there is still a lot to be done. The weather has not really cooperated. Its been in the 90s everyday, and the last two days we had severe rainstorms.  This morning a tornado touched down about an hour away.   While it will take me a bit to feel completely settled, the hardest work is done.  I am now able to start posting again on the blog, working on my craft room, adding listings to my Etsy Shop, and doing my Dollar Tree hauls on Instagram and Tik Tok.

I look forward to all the new opportunities I will have because of my move.   Be sure to check back often as you will see me here more often.  :) 

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