Thursday, April 21, 2022

Mermaid Party Ideas


As you know from my post Amazing New Shore Finds from the Dollar Tree that I posted recently,  that I am very excited about the Dollar Trees new Shore Living line that was just released. 

Well I am happy to say many of the shore items have arrived in many Dollar Trees in the last week.   While looking around the store this past week, I saw that there were many mermaid themed items throughout the store that would be great to use for a Mermaid Themed party.  My best friend loves mermaids, so I while I have not thrown a mermaid party yet, I possibly will in the very near future.  

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I am definitely giving my friend this Mermaid Cabana House as a gift for her birthday.  I have not seen anything like it before, and if I said An Unicorn Lives Here, I know she would buy it for me.   This would be great as decor, on a tiered tray or as part of a centerpiece. 

It is kind of hard to see the shell serving tray, but it is quite pretty in person.   It would be quite memorable to use these as party serving plates. 

You can leave the mermaid's plain or paint and decorate them. I have seen several different ways to paint them over on Instagram. 

These mermaid tails come three to a pack.  I could see using them as party decor or given as a party favor. 

The party plates, banner, and mermaid tail balloons are regular products in the party aisle.  Be sure to check there often because they get new products frequently.  

These cups would be great to give as a favor, or used as drinking cups.  They are part of the Shore Living line, so if you want them you will need to get them soon.  They come is two shapes, a mermaid's tail and a clamshell. 

I loved these stencils.  While I am not sure what I am going to use them for yet,  I am glad to have them in my craft supplies for when  I do think of something. 

This mermaid tail stay magical picture box is pretty cute.  It is also part of my friend's birthday present.

In the toy aisle, I found these glowing trident. They will be fun as decor or party favors. 

While you might not be able to get the clam shell Easter eggs anymore, they are a great find for a future party.  Dollar Tree has had these in stock the last couple of years, so they may be back again next year. 

In addition to all the mermaid themed finds I found at the Dollar Tree, here are some more affordable mermaid party finds. 

My kids always liked to have a pinata at their parties.  This Sparkle Mermaid Tail is from Oriental Trading. 

The necklaces and keychains would make great favors, and while they come in 12 packs, they are about $1 each.  

At all of our parties, I set up a photo booth of some kind.  Party guests can turn themselves into mermaid with this cardboard stand up.   

I have two other ideas for a party prop backdrop.  One is using plastic table clothes in different colors. such as a couple of blues hanging along a wall. You can see our rainbow back drop in this post Art Themed Slumber Party

And life size (well human life size) dinosaurs cardboard cut outs I created in this post Boy Party Ideas

You get 52 feet of this garland on Amazon. It makes such a pretty back drop. 

Some more goody bag ideas from Amazon. 

Hopefully these ideas give you some inspiration. 

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