Monday, January 17, 2022

Dollar Tree Unicorn Valentine's Day Card Box

 Valentine's Day is about a month away.  I work at a school, so I know Valentine's Day is a pretty big day in the classroom, especially at the elementary level.  It can be quite exciting for kids to make a card box to hold all of the class valentine cards. 

I made this Unicorn Valentine Box a few years ago using almost all Dollar Tree items.  The items not from the Dollar Tree were items you may have laying around your house. 

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Here is what you will need 

A box for the body (shoebox, tissue box, gift box or even a mailbox)

4 cardboard tubes for the legs

2-3 curly bows (multiple bows on each) for the mane and tail.

round container/tumbler with lid (something unicorn head shaped) or floral foam for the head 

craft foam or pre cut glitter hearts for snout

googly eyes

colored wrapping paper  or paint 

cardstock (color of choice for horn) 

I used a box with a slot cut in the lid for my unicorn body. Whatever type of body you choose to use, there needs to be a way to get the valentines easily in and out of the box.   My box was already white, so I decided to make a white unicorn, but you can make yours whatever color you like.  

To make the legs, paint four cardboard tubes

When I made my unicorn, I had a hard time deciding which head shape I wanted.  In this picture are what both options looked like. 

I covered both items with white wrapping paper. Expert tip.. If you chose to go the square floral foam route, DO NOT remove the plastic off the foam! It's much better to wrap the entire brick as one piece.  I found out the hard way that the floral foam is made from five smaller bricks that I had to re-attach, and it was a little bit messy.   I personally preferred the shape of the plastic container head, which is what I decided to use in the end.  You can attach the head with hot glue or double sided tape. 

I found it easier to attach the legs to the bottom of the box with hot glue instead of tape.

The curly ribbon bows have several smaller bows on each card.  Arrange the bows as desired to make the mane and tail as full as you prefer.  I used four smaller bows for the mane, and two for the tail.  

I had some pink craft foam on hand from the Crafters Square aisle, so I cut out small hearts for the snout. If you prefer pre-cut hearts, I have also seen them available at the Dollar Tree. 

I rolled a piece of cardstock into a cone shape to make the horn, and hot glued it in place.

The last step on the unicorn is to add some googly eyes, and if desired some eyelashes. (Dollar Tree sells fake eyelashes in the make up aisle that would look really cute!)  

Here is the finished Unicorn Valentine Box.. 

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