Thursday, September 9, 2021

Amazing Dinnerware for Thanksgiving and Your Fall Parties

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Have you seen the fall dinnerware patterns at the Dollar Tree?
I am really impressed, they are so beautiful this year.  If you are someone that likes to decorate for Thanksgiving, or have fall dinner parties, you will definitely want to check them out.  An added bonus, since they are from the Dollar Tree, everything is only $1.  

Their pumpkin placemats are GORGEOUS, and they are currently available online in units of only 4! You can get a whole table full of placemats for the price of only a couple at a regular store. 

These 16 oz pumpkin tumblers are so pretty, and are a nice addition to your fall table settings.  They are currently available online in units of only 6.  

If tumblers are not your thing, they also have stemless wine glasses in a case of 12. 

The pumpkin bowls  are a really nice size and available in units of 6. 

My store did not have any of the dinner plates in stock, but WOW it is definitely eye catching.  They are available online in a case of 12 plates. 

The 7.5 in side plates have a coordinating design, and also available in a case of 12. 

If you prefer fall leaves to pumpkins, there is also an entire line of the leaf pattern.  There was a bit of a glare when I took this picture. You can see the leaf tumblers here.

The fall leaves bowl has a similar look to the pumpkin bowl and comes in a case of 12. 

In addition to the dinnerware and placemats, you can find several types of dish towels, napkins, drying mats and more. 

If you had to choose which pattern you like best, which one do you choose?  If I was hosting Thanksgiving this year, for me it would be the pumpkin line.  

When you order from  Dollar Tree online, remember that most   items you one the website can  shipped free to your store.  I have done this several times, and have always had a great experience.   Another bonus tip... The Christmas items are starting to appear in stores, so check be sure to check the Christmas items online NOW.. 

I have added the video that I took of the dinnerware while I was in the store.  This way you can see the items more than just in pictures.  

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