Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Fun Easter Egg Coloring Ideas

Over the years, my creative daughter has come up with some really easy beautiful Easter egg designs using things we have had around the house.  Here are a few of our favorite designs.  

If you try this technique you might get dye on your hands, so plastic gloves are suggested.  She held the egg halfway in the dye for a few seconds.  Then she turned the egg just a bit and dipped it back in the dye. She repeated the technique on the other side by turning it just a bit the other way. Dipping the egg this way, caused a layering effect with the color. 

We used paper reinforcement circle stickers to make some pretty designs.  

This egg was the result of putting the stickers really close together. 

This egg had the stickers with more space between them. 

Using a hole punch tool on label stickers, she was able to make polka dots.  She placed the dots on the egg where she wanted them before dipping it in the dye. 

Do you have rubber bands around the house? Then you have all you need to make these cool designs.  For the first design, we wrapped a thicker rubber band around the middle of the egg

When the egg was unwrapped after the dye had dried, there were white stripes around the middle. 

This has always been one of my favorite eggs that I have made. I used multiple thin rubber bands and wrapped them lengthwise around the egg.  I waited until the dye dried before removing the rubber bands. I reminds me of a tiny pink watermelon. 

This egg was made with a combination of a thicker and thinner rubber band. 

This marble looking egg was made with scotch tape. She randomly placed the tape all over the egg in a messy fashion.  Some of it was crinkled. It looked like a mess.  After the dye dried, she removed the tape, and what was left was this really cool effect. 

She spent a little more time placing the tape on this egg. She cut the tape into small pieces that resembled pieces of grass. 

Tie dye kits are available now, but these tie dye eggs were made by two of my kids using different techniques without a kit. My daughter made the egg on the left, and my son the one on the right. My daughter likes to make a mess, and just dipped her finger in different colors of dye and painted the egg in random places with her finger. My son didn't want to get dye all over himself. He dipped different parts of the egg in the color and quickly wiped off the excess dye.  Which type of eye dyer are you?  Messy or neat? 

This year we will probably only color a dozen eggs.  Everyone is too old for the Easter Bunny to come over and hide eggs, so there is not reason to make a lot.  I did find a golden egg kit at the Dollar Tree this year that I am excited to try.  I will let you know how it turns out.  

What are your favorite egg coloring techniques? 

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