Thursday, April 4, 2019

How to Make a Unicorn Costume - Quick and Easy Tips

I was going through some older photos, and I came across pictures from Halloween.  As many of you know if you follow me on social media,  ( FacebookInstagramPinterest ) that I love unicorns.  This year I knew I wanted to make an unicorn costume that was easy, inexpensive, and comfortable to wear.  I needed to be able to dance in it, because my friends and I go to an annual Halloween dance in our area.  

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The first part of my costume I found was my unicorn horn for only $10 at a local festival. I fell in love with it right away.  It is kind of hard to tell in the picture, but it even lights up.  You can find unicorn horns pretty much everywhere now days, but here are a few of my favorites I found online.  (Unicorn horn with tulle maneShiny horn and ears

I knew I did not want to wear a wig, or put actual color in my hair for my costume.  I found multi-color hair clips on sale at Claires, and single color hair clips on clearance at Walmart. Here is something with a similar look I found on Amazon- Color hair pieces

At first I thought I would wear a boa as a tail. I loved the colorful look.  However, I did not like the trail of feathers I left behind me as I walked.  Knowing I would be shaking those feathers all over the dance floor, I decided against it.  If you like the look, check out this really cool rainbow boa I found. 

What I decided to do was make a tail out of tulle.  I had several 3 inch spools of rainbow colors in my craft stash. Tulle is easy to work with, and easy to cut to size. I am a pretty short human, so I wanted to make sure I did not trip over my tail while I danced.   I layered several different pieces in my desired length together until it was the size that I wanted.  I then knotted the top the tail.  I attached my tail to my belt loop of my favorite pair of white jeans.  

I knew I wanted a white rainbow top for my costume. I really wanted this one, but it was not available at the time.  I ended up another top that is very similar from DressLily

The night of the dance I did my make up using my daughter's Unicorn Eye Tutorial which you can see here

I got a lot of positive comments on my costume that night. I would definitely wear it again, if I have the chance. 

A fun night was had by all.  😊

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