Sunday, January 28, 2018

Unicorn Party Mix

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Recently I shared how to host an Unicorn Candy Buffet on a Budget. One of the treats I put on the buffet was Unicorn Party Mix.  I love these types of treats, because they are super easy to make, and can be customized for all sorts of themes and parties.  

I started this party mix with Bugles.  I chose them because they look like Unicorn horns.  I lined a cookie sheet with wax paper, and then arranged the Bugles in a single layer. 

While I was making the party mix, I was also making Unicorn Horn Pretzels.  I had melted a bag of white chocolate chips and divided it between the two snacks. I drizzled the chocolate over the bugles with a spoon.  I tried to get it on as many pieces as I could, some pieces got more than others. Once I added colored mini marshmallows I realized I forgot to take a picture of just the chocolate.  The marshmallows remind me of unicorn "poop". 

unicorn party, sprinkles, marshmallows, party mix

I then added a couple of different kinds of sprinkles and candy.  I had a box of rainbow nerds, so I added some of those. I also added some silver and pink sugar sprinkles.  

unicorn party, unicorn mix, marshmallows, sprinkles, Lucky Charms,

My favorite cereal is Lucky Charms.  While making this party mix, I saw a box of cereal sitting nearby.  I realized that some of the marshmallows were perfect for a unicorn mix.  I added some purple horseshoes, pink hearts, and rainbows. 

Unicorn horns, Party mix, unicorn mix, Unicorn Party

Once you add all the ingredients that you want to add, set it out for your party, or store in a air tight container to use for later.    A word of warning, this stuff is addictive! It is the perfect mix of sweet and salty.  Once you start eating it, it is hard to stop.  

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