Friday, January 27, 2017

Super Bowl Party Ideas and Supplies

It's that time of year again.. Time for the biggest day for football of the year.  Many people get together and have Super Bowl parties even if they are not fans of the teams playing. Some love watching the game, some love watching the commercials, but everyone agrees that they love the Super Bowl food.  

As you know from past posts, I have been working with Oriental Trading Company to try out their party supplies, and share them with you.  We hope to have a Super Bowl party with friends next weekend, but before then I want to show you some of the great football supplies you might want to for your own party. 

In the picture above are the football paper lanterns.  They would look really cool hanging above the food table.  If you are a fan of March Madness, they also have basketball paper lanterns if you need those for a future party.  

It was hard to get the entire Football Pennant Banner in the picture.  This one has a flag for all the yards of the football field.  If you prefer a banner representing your favorite team, they have several professional team banners to choose from. 

These are the mini football popcorn box that holds the perfect portion of popcorn.  I love all the flavored popcorn recipes I have seen online, and may try to make one for the big game. 

The football take out boxes are a great size to fill with your favorite candy or small treats. 

The football field treat bags would be great to send home goodies on Super Bowl night, or for a sports themed children's party. 

The football utensil caddy has 6 sections to hold all of your party utensils, paper football straws and even football themed napkins 

The football paper chili bowls are a great size for individual portions of chili or other appetizers such as meatballs, potato salad, or cheesy appetizers.

If you like to bake, they even have football themed cupcake liners.  If you don't want to make cupcakes, I like to use the liners for easy chocolate cluster candy.

We did not open the Inflatable Buffet Cooler yet because we do not have a pump to blow it up yet.  When we do have the party, I know a friend who does. You will really want to see how cool this is though, but checking out the Football Snack Stadium Idea  on their site. 

It is always a lot of fun to take pictures of all your friends at a party.  This is the football themed photo prop set.  

As many of you know I am an Ohio State Buckeye. I thought I might originally have a National Championship party, but after the New Years Eve game, I am going to save the for next year.  Under the napkins and OSU paper straws are really cool football themed necklaces.   They have many NCAA themed party supplies so next fall you can have parties for your favorite team.  

My daughter is showing off the Mini Finger Favors, the whistle from the Football Photo Prop Set and her own twist on the football necklace.  

There is still time to order your party supplies  and receive them in time for the Super Bowl. There are many more football themed items, and over 20 football party ideas and recipes which you can see here.

I hope to be able to post an update of our Super Bowl party soon. 

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