Friday, August 5, 2016

Five Easy Homemade Recipes

A couple of summer's ago, I had a homemade summer.  I used vegetables from my garden to make pickles and tomato sauce. .  I used strawberries we had picked at a local farm to make delicious jam  My son, who was doing Cooking with Kyle posts at the time, made us delicious meals with his homemade pizza and homemade potato salad.  Now is the perfect time to share some of these recipes again, now that it is time to harvest those gardens and hit the farmers markets.  

Do you have a lot of cucumbers in your garden and want to give Homemade Pickles  a try?Two summers ago I found decided to make some using a simple recipe. We were very happy with the result.  

Strawberry jam has always had special meaning to me.  While I was growing up my grandma made us several jars every summer..  She has been gone eleven years now.  Homemade Strawberry Jam was so good and tasted just like grandma's. 

By the end of the summer, I always have a ton of tomatoes. My Homemade Tomato Sauce Recipe was when I made my own with fresh tomatoes.  It is not hard to make,  but does need some simmering time. 

A couple of years ago my son did a series of recipes called Cooking with Kyle. One that we really liked was his Homemade Pizza.  It was very unique because each piece was totally different than the others just but the way he arranged his toppings. 

Another recipe he made for us was his Homemade Egg Potato Salad. It was really good.  I wish I had some potatoes on hand so I could get him to make us some more. 

What types of homemade recipes do you like to make?  

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