Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Animal Themed Party Food

With all the recent and upcoming movies with animals as the stars, I thought it would be a good time to re-share some of my favorite Animal Themed Party Food.  These ideas might give inspiration on what to make  for a Zootopia, Jungle Book, Finding Dory, Life of Pets and other animal party themes. 

A couple of years ago, my daughter had a Butterfly Themed Party. Her favorite treat that day was  the Butterfly Cake Rolls.  We made the butterflies out of chocolate,  and then rested them on the swiss cake roll.  This treat would be good for a garden party, insect party, or even the upcoming Alice Through the Looking Glass movie party.  Every time I see a promo for the movie, I notice the colorful butterflies.   

Four years ago we had a Woodland Animal Party in honor of our hedgehog Silver.   The star of our party table was our Hedgehog Watermelon.  

We had a watermelon shark at our Beach Bash. Cutting fruit into animal shapes are always a hit with the kids.  If there are sharks in the new Finding Dory movie, making one could make a great addition to your party menu. 

When she ha a cat themed party several years ago, we served strawberry mice. They were really easy to make, and cute too. They could also be made for a Cinderella or other princess themed party. 

We once even made Cat Pizza Biscuits.  They were fun to make, and tasted great too.   With the upcoming Life of Pets, a cat or even a dog pizza biscuit would make a delicious party treat. 

One of our favorite parties was my daughter's Beach Bash Birthday.  During that party the guests loved our Crabby Sandwiches. They were croissants filled with chicken salad, but could be changed into whatever kind of sandwich you prefer. 

When the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 came out. We loved creating a party themed filled with Foodimals like this Fruit Cockatiel. They were almost too cute to eat, but we managed.

During our Zoo Party we served monkey, lion and elephant cupcakes.  (Yes I do realize they are on a Halloween cupcake stand.  My daughter was turning 7, and wanted to use it) There are elephants were in both Zootopia, and the Jungle Book.

Going back through all of my animal food pictures is making me want to go in the kitchen right now and make some more.  I am sure I will be sharing some new animal food ideas soon.  

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