Monday, December 21, 2015

A Coobie Bra and Violet Love Headband Review

Do you remember back in November when I shared how you could get 30% off Coobie Bras and Violet Love Headbands? Well I was recently sent a Coobie Bra and Violet Love Headband to try out and review.  All opinions in this post are 100% mine.  

I got my first Coobie bra in April of 2014.  I wrote about in this post here.  I have to say, what I posted in my first review is still entirely true today.  I am still wearing the two bras I received a year and a half ago.   I love them, and they are the bra I turn to 95% of the time.  On the few occasions when I have worn a traditional bra (when my Coobie bras  were in the wash, etc..) they are just not as comfortable and I go back to wearing my Coobie bra as soon as I can.  I am finding that  my new Coobie bra is a little bit tighter than my older ones.  I have lost weight since my last post, so it probably means my older ones are a little bit stretched out now.  It does make since since i  have been wearing them pretty much everyday for 20 months. They are still in good shape though, so I will continue to wear all three. One reason why they are so comfortable is they are seamless and stretchy.  You can adjust the straps to fit your own body type, and their are two one size (regular and full size) that  fit all sizes  from 32 A to 42 D.   I definitely recommend giving them a try if you are in the market for a new comfortable bra. 

I was also sent a Violet Love headband to try.  My daughter loves hair accessories, so I gave it to her.  Neither one of us wear headbands in the style that is on their website. She prefers to wear them holding her hair back on top of her head, and not over her forehead.  This headband is versatile enough you can wear it in a  multiple ways.  She liked how comfortable it was on her head. It is made from a soft stretchy fabric, and did a great job holding back her hair.. (which she has a A LOT of) There are many, many colors and prints to choose from, so you can find something for just about everyone.  I am sure we will get quite a bit of use from this headband, and recommend it for style and comfort as well. 

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