Thursday, November 26, 2015

Holidays on a Budget -Cardboard Tube Pilgrim Craft

I know this is kind of last minute for this Thanksgiving, but this is a craft the kids ca do while they are waiting to eat.   All you need is some cardboard tubes, construction paper or cardstock, and either glue or tape.  

You will need black, white, a flesh color, and a hair color. For the boy pilgrim we chose yellow hair, and the girl pilgrim an orangish red. 

Depending on the size tube you use, you will be blocks of black and the flesh color that are long enough to fit around the tube. It is okay if they are big enough that they overlap a bit. 

Wrap the flesh colored paper around the tube first. Secure in the back with either glue or tape.  Wrap the black paper around the tube and secure with glue and tape as well. You may cover part of the flesh paper.  You want the flesh color to be smaller than the black because Pilgrims have smaller heads than their bodies. Overlapping also looks neater than sizing to fit, and trying to match the lines. 

Add a face with either crayons, markers or colored pencils.  I used colored pencils. Add a collar for the boy pilgrim with a piece of white paper with a small triangle notch cut out.  

Add a face to the girl pilgrim.  Add some pieces of paper for her hair.  It does not have to be this detailed, this is just how my daughter decided to make hers.  Add a collar similar to the boy pilgrim but you can round the edges if you like.  

The hats are probably the most difficult part of the pilgrim. To make the boy hat, roll a piece of black paper and glue it to a flat circle on top of the boys head. Add a top circle to the hat. I found it to get it to hold together, glue works the best in this step. Add a hat band with a small strip of paper.  The best paper to use for the girls hat is printer paper because it is thinner and much easier to mold than heavier papers.  I cut a square that was about 5 inches by 5 inches. I folded it in half and then fit it to the girls head.  I secure it with scotch tape in the back of her head to hold it in place. 

As it is now after midnight, I can officially say... 

I hope you have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! 

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