Friday, August 7, 2015

Chocolate Chip Rice Pudding Bites with Cookie Crust #SummerofPudding

This month I had the opportunity to try #KozyShack® Rice Pudding .  I have to admit, I don't think I have had rice pudding before this week. I eat a lot of pudding, but I usually eat the more common kinds like chocolate, or tapioca. I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. These rice pudding bites, turned out to be quite yummy, and I see eating more rice pudding in my future.  It is a good thing too, because National Rice Pudding Day is August 9th. 

Just like the other of Kozy Shacks® pudding products, their rice pudding is made simple wholesome,  ingredients, gluten free, and a great source of calcium.  It is something that I feel good feeding to my family. 

Because I wanted my children to try the rice pudding as well, I asked my daughter what we should add to this recipe.  Her top choices were chocolate, and cookies.  Instead of just adding a cookie, we decided to smash it crumbs and make a crust of out it.  To make our cookie crust, we smashed Nilla Wafers and then added some melted butter.  It really was that simple, and that is all you need.  To make the treats bite size, we used a mini muffin pan.  I spooned in a small amount of the crumb and butter mixture in each cup, and then pushed it down to form the crust. Once I filled all of the cups, I placed the tin in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes so the cookie crust would harden.   Once the crust was ready, I added some chocolate chips to the pudding. (I didn't measure, just threw in what I thought looked good) and then added the pudding in each of the cups of the muffin tin. I then placed it back in the refrigerator so the pudding would set with the cookie crust a bit. When it was ready, I just used a spoon, and the treats came right out of the pan. I love easy no bake desserts in the summer. 

It is kind of hard to see the yummy cookie crust in the chocolate picture, so here is another one. If you are not much of a chocolate person, these bites also taste really good plain.  My daughter also found out after I took most of  the pictures, that if you are craving a little bit of fruit, a slice of strawberry on top is amazing. The mix of pudding, strawberry, pudding, chocolate chip and cookie.. So good! 

You can learn more about Kozy Shack® and their delicious puddings on their Facebook page, and Instagram. There they have more delicious pudding ideas and recipes for your to enjoy. 

What has been your favorite recipe during this #SummerofPudding? 

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