Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Fun 2015

 In years past, I would share a Summer Fun Challenge with lots of things we wanted to do during the summer.  This summer has been different than any other we have ever had.  We have some major changes that we have been taking care of, which took up the entire first part of the summer. I realized today that we are at just past the halfway point of our time off from school.  While some people in other areas of the country are busy preparing to go back in the next few weeks, we still have 5-6 weeks to go. (we go back Sept 8 this year)   I hope to still make memories this summer, as my kids are almost all grown up now. My youngest is starting high school in just a few weeks, so I know time is precious. 

Some of our high points so far this summer. 

On June 6, my oldest graduated from high school.  It was a surreal moment for me. Her four years of high school had a lot of ups and downs, and until I actually saw her walking out with her classmates, I did not feel like it was actually happening.  She is still adjusting to her time as an adult, and currently looking for a job. 

Kara celebrated her 12th year of dance, and her 11th recital. This was big feat for her.  As many of you know, she started having severe migraines about six months ago,and has not been 100% healthy for pretty much this entire year.  

This past weekend, I got a much needed break. I had the chance to spend four hours at a friends house, enjoying this beautiful view. 

Some other highlights that  I do not have pictures of..  my mom came to visit for two weeks. (she was helping me pack pretty much every day which is why no pictures)  We have made some new friends that we have been spending time a lot of time with the last several weeks. We had the chance to see Inside Out a few weeks ago, and thought it was an excellent movie. 

Some of the lower points this summer 

Between graduation, the recital, a garage sale, packing up the house, and the endless move we have not had any down time so far.  

Kara's special mouse Lucky unexpectedly died a week ago. She was doing great one day, and was gone the next. While she was getting up there in age, we were hopeful to have at least 3-4 months with her. She was the one we had fed as a teeny, tiny baby.  

Because the movers were coming right after the 4th of July, and we were very behind in packing, we did not get to celebrate the 4th or see any fireworks this summer. 

This was the first year that Kara did not have a birthday party.  With everything going on, she was just not into it this year. We still might do something small even though her birthday was almost a month ago.  My oldest has yet to have her graduation party. We were going to have it at a friends house, but my friend had some unexpected house repairs to take care of, and can no longer have it at her house. 

The free Saturday night movies at our area outlet mall are not being held this summer.  We were really looking forward to going again his year. 

So today is a new day, and from this point on, I am declaring we will be enjoying our summer!

Here are some of the things we hope to do between now and the start of school 

Go to Cedar Point 
Go to Lake Michigan 
Visit the beach 
Go to the zoo 
Pick some blueberries 
Go to the farmers market 
Go to the Art and Music Festival 
Do an Ikea run 
Go swimming 
Go for a boat ride 
See a concert 
Go to the Metropark 
See some movies (Minions, Pixels etc..) 

Have you been able to do everything you wanted to do this summer, or have you been too busy like us?   What do you still hope to do before your kids go back to school?  


  1. It sounds like you have had a very special and very busy summer so far! You sounds like you still have a lot to fit in, it might be a little busier, yet! I will wave when we sail by Cedar Point! We keep our sailboat over at Sandusky yacht Club and always sail right past getting out of the bay into the lake!

    1. I don't mind busy, as long as we have some fun. :) I will wave back if I am able to go. I really hope so, as I LOVE CP and all roller coasters.. I still have not had the chance to ride Gatekeeper, and definitely want to check out the new one.


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