Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sock Snowmen

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This week is turning out to be another bumpy one.  Since I have not had a lot of time to make projects, I hope you will understand why I am doing some multitasking for today's posts. Every Thursday morning I meet with some women from church for a social meeting. One week a month we meet for a devotional lesson, another week we meet for coffee. Some weeks we do a special project like decorate the church for a foster child Christmas party, or help someone with a special chore.   I really look forward to my time each week with some wonderful ladies.  This week we met at the church for a devotional and craft. While these snowmen  are not an original idea, they were so fun and easy to make, I thought they would make a good craft post.   I took these photos with my cell phone as I was making my snowmen at the meeting.   

If you want to make your snowman a decent size, you will want to use men's white tube sock.  You can recycle a sock you already have, or buy one at the dollar store.  Cut the sock to the left of the heel. Using a piece of string, tie the end of the side with the heel.  I actually could have tied my sock closer to the end, but realized it after I had knotted the string.  The ribbed part of the sock will become the snowmen, so tying it down as far as I did  will make a smaller snowman.  

Here is a better view of the tied sock.  Turn the sock half inside out before tying it.  When you turn it right side out again, the tied end will become the bottom of the snowman.  

Once the sock is right side out, fill it almost to the top with rice.  The rice gives the snowman some weight and substance.  You might also be able to find cheap bags of rice at the dollar store.   Do you notice how this sock had a logo on it?  Well that is not a problem, because it will be covered up later by his hat. 

Tie the top of the sock tightly with a piece of string. Once you have the top secured, tie another piece around the sock to form the neck and head.  

Roll up the remaining part of the sock to form a knit cap.  Once you have your basic snowman shape, you can get creative with how you decorate him.   We used decorative straight pins for the eyes and nose.  If you have small children who will want to be playing with the snowman, you might want to use something else for the face.  The scarf can be made from ribbon, fabric, fleece or felt.  Some of my friends added buttons on their snowman bellies, I chose to leave them off.  

How to make sock snowmen

When all of our snowmen took their group photo, we noticed that while we all made the same basic snowman, each one looked a little bit different. They all seemed to have their own personality.  How will you decorate your snowman?  

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