Monday, December 22, 2014

Reindeer on Rye Appetizer Sandwiches

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Look who is back!  It is time for a new installment of Cooking with Kyle.   I recently found a loaf of rye bread at our local Aldis.  I knew it would be perfect to make into some sort of appetizer for the holiday.  Today when Kyle said he was hungry for lunch, I asked him if he would help me put together a Reindeer themed sandwich. 

The first thing he did was make the sandwiches.  He decided to use turkey, swiss, Miracle Whip and Dijon mustard. 

It was then time to construct the faces.  Using the small circle in my apple slicer/corer, he cut out circles of mozzarella cheese. (any white cheese will do)  The noses are slices of cherry tomatoes. 

I helped him brainstorm on what to use for the pupils of the eyes.  He thought maybe pepperoni but we were out.  He tried to cut circles out of bread, but they did not look right. Even though he is not a fan of black olives, we both agreed they looked the best.  I happen to like black olives so I was totally okay with his choice.  

The antlers are on the small side, because I only had mini pretzels on hand.  We would use regular size pretzels the next time we make them. Theses were fun to make, and tasted great too.  

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