Monday, November 10, 2014

Easy Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

Are you thinking about your Thanksgiving menu yet? I am starting to, and last night I tried out something new on my family.  Did you know that you can make mashed potatoes in the slower cooker. I had never thought to do it before, it is so easy, and they potatoes tasted great. 

This recipe can be adjusted to the amount of potatoes you need.  We only needed 4-6 servings so the amounts I used in this recipe may need to be increased if you make it for more.   For 4-6 servings, you need about 5 medium potatoes, or 6-7 smaller ones.  I peeled, and cut up 6-7 small potatoes, and placed them in the small cooker.  Instead of cooking them in water,  I added a 14 oz can of chicken broth.  I set the slower cooker to high, and went about my day. 

Mashed Potatoes, Slow Cooker recipes

 About 4 hours later, the potatoes were done. I did not talk a photo of when I mashed the potatoes, but it is easy to visualize.  The potatoes were super soft and tender, and mashed very easily.  I added 2 tablespoons of butter/margerine, a 1/2 to 1 cup of milk, a little bit of garlic and some salt and pepper.   The kids loved them, and ate them all up.  Now that I know I can make them in the slow cooker, we may have mashed potatoes more often.  


  1. Great tip. I'm going to be trying this very soon. My track record for scorching the potatoes on the stove is pretty impressive.

  2. I have never made mashed potatoes in the slow cooker, but I may have to give this a try!

  3. Great timing for a big Thanksgiving meal.

  4. Mashed potatoes are my favorite. I don't make them that often though. Having them is a slow cooker would be idea for large events like Thanksgiving!

  5. I love my crockpot and use it for so many recipes, but I have never tried mashed potatoes in there. I am totally going to give this a try next week. Do you think you can leave them in there on the warm setting? My daughter is getting her wisdom teeth out next week and this is her all time favorite comfort food. I'm wondering if I make her a batch and just leave it on warm, she can eat as she gets hungry through the day. What do you think?

    1. Kim.. I sent you a reply on Facebook. I have not tried to do that before so I am not 100% sure. I guess you can try, and just keep an eye on it to make sure they do not dry out or overcook.

  6. Great idea! I will have to try this for sure.


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