Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cherry Chocolate Cake

How to make cherry chocolate cake

Recently my daughter saw a recipe for making Cherry Chocolate cake using one of her favorite sodas.   While that recipe looked really good, there were a lot of extra ingredients needed to make the cake. We decided to try to make our own version with only a few ingredients.  We were very happy with the results.  

Ingredients for cherry chocolate cake

We used: 
a box of Devil's Food mix 
vegetable oil 
Black Cherry Faygo
Chocolate Chips
a jar of Black Cherry topping 

We followed the directions on the back of the cake mix.  The amount of eggs, oil and watedr you use will vary depending on the brand you use.  For our brand we used 3 eggs. 1/2 cup vegetable oil, 1 1/3 cups water.  After mixing well we added in 1/2 cup of the Black Cherry Faygo, and 2/3 cup chocolate chips. (we would have added a cup, but we only had 2/3 cup, which still worked out well.   We then baked the cake according to the box, which for our brand was about 30 minutes at 400 degrees. 

We used 9" pans and sprayed them with nonstick cooking spray.  We realized after we baked the cakes that we should have floured them too. We did have some issues with sticking.  Once the cakes had cooled,  we used some of the Black Cherry filling between the two layers. We then covered the top layer with the rest of the jar. 

How to make Chocolate Cherry Cake

We loved the results!   The cake was the perfect mix of cherry and chocolate. 


  1. This looks pretty easy, and goodness, now you've got me craving chocolate something awful!! :)

  2. Ohh it is never too early for cake right? I mean it has eggs in it. I want that!!

  3. I love everything related to chocolate. I have to try this!


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