Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Girl Birthday Party Themes

This week is a busy one for me away from the computer.  It is recital week for my youngest daughter with rehearsals, banquet and the actual recital and ballet production.  It is also the last week of the semester for my oldest daughter's online classes.  She was a bit off pace this semester, so this week has been busy with Algebra 2, Brit Lit, Economics and Physics..  I now know why I did not want to take Physics in high school.  It is hard!  I am helping her  work on her Physics problems that even I do not understand.  I will be glad when this semester is over, and I do not need to worry about it again until my son takes it. (in a year!)  Since I do not have time to finish any new projects this week, and we are in planning stages for Kara's latest birthday party, we thought it would be fun to revisit some of her favorite parties from the  past.   

A few years ago she had a Beach Bash Birthday.  The weather was very appropriate that was in the high 90s on the day of her party.   One of her favorite things at this party were her Crabby Sandwiches.

Another favorite party was the year she got her hedgehog Silver.  She had a Woodland Themed Party. To this day she still loves all Woodland Animals.  

One of our favorite children's books is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs .  She had a Cloudy theme complete with giant food, around the time of the first movie. Every thing had to be handmade, because as you can imagine there are not many party favors for a Cloudy party. 

The year we got our kittens was the year she wanted to have a cat themed party.  Kara and her friends wore craft foam ears, pipe cleaner colors, and had a great time pretending they were cats.  

One year on the day after Christmas I found the giant Fur Real horse Buttercup on sale for half off.  Kara had begged for one for Christmas but the $250+ price tag was too much.  When I found it for $125, I grabbed it up and hid it at grandmas for 6 months.  Since I knew what her big Birthday present was going to be, I did my mom thing and got her excited about having a Horse and Western Party  

One of my favorite party photos is from her Tinkerbell party.  I had made all of the girls green tutus which they wore throughout the entire party.  My oldest daughter was leading the younger girls on a scavenger hunt.  I think I will need to be doing a write up for this party if I can remember all the details.  (it was way before the blog)  

I am excited about this year's theme.  She has chosen to do.... 


In the next several  weeks watch for many butterfly themed crafts and party ideas.  


  1. The Tinkerbell party sounds like something my daughter would be into! I love the cloudy party! I never would have thought to use it as a theme. So clever!

  2. You have done some really fun parties! I love them all! I really like the woodland creatures sweet!

  3. Those sound really fun. Especially the tinker bell party.


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