Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last Minute Pilgrim Hat Crafts

Pilgrim hat place card, and Pilgrim hat centerpiece

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and you just realized that the table is missing something.  Perhaps you would like a place card, or maybe a simple centerpiece.  Here are a couple of ideas, that you can make in a pinch.  The Pilgrim Hat Place card is simple to make.  You just need a styrofoam cup, some black pant, and a little bit of paper.   I used white craft foam for the hat band, because it was a little easier to wrap around the hat.  The buckle is a piece of gold paper.  I attached the name card to a toothpick, and then pushed it through the bottom of the cup.  

A pilgrim hat place card, and a pilgrim hat centerpiece

I made the Pilgrim Hat Centerpiece from a clay flower pot that you can find at most stores for about $1.50.  I painted it black, and then added the hat band and buckle. You can just place the hat on the table as is.   If you prefer a little bit of color, turn the hat upside down and fill with your favorite gourds or flowers. 

Both of these crafts take just minutes to make, and can easily be made tonight and used tomorrow.  

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