Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Egg Coloring Techniques

Have you colored your Easter eggs yet?  We will probably work on ours tonight or tomorrow.  I thought this would be a good time to show some of the fun ways we colored our egg the last couple years using things out of the junk drawer. 

Have you ever wondered why we color eggs, or why they are hard boiled?  I have and yesterday and I read some interesting theories.   Eggs have been hard boiled by Christians for ages.  They were often given up for Lent, so they were hard boiled to preserve them.   The reason why we color them has to do with Mary, the mother of Jesus. When Jesus was on the cross, she gave out eggs to the soldiers. When she wept, her tears dropped onto the eggs turning them brilliant colors. Others say we color them to celebrate the ending of Lent. Either way, I love this tradition. 

I just love this polka dot egg.  To get this effect, I used notebook paper reinforcement stickers.  Just stick them on before coloring, and when they are done take them off to reveal the dots.  

Kara made this egg, by using scotch tape. She taped on her initial, and made sure to secure it well so that the color did not seep in. It did a teeny bit on the edges, but it still looked beautiful. 

I really love this egg. I wrapped a couple of rubber bands around the middle before dipping in the dye. 

This egg was fun to make. I cut up a sticker label into smaller rectangles and placed it on the egg. 

Kara made this eggs with dot stickers that we made by using a hole puncher. After they were removed, Kara redipped the egg to get a subtle change in color.  

This egg was made using multiple rubber bands. Once they were removed, it was dipped into the purple dye for a few seconds to give it a pretty lilac stripe.  

No matter how you color your eggs, let us always  remember the real  reason of Easter. 

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