Sunday, November 4, 2012

Great Target Finds

I was at Target today and found many great crafting and baking deals for 70%  off.  All of the items in the picture above were only .30 each! You can find wreath forms, cornacopoias, acorns, pinecones and sunflowers.

You can find Reeses Pieces, Autumn M & Ms and mini candy bars 50% off at only $1.49 each.  These are perfect to use in your Thanksgiving treats.

I also found chenille stems for $1.50 each, mini popcorn boxes .30 each, a 3 pack of cupcake boxes $1.19, baking cups less than $1, candy decorating set $1.79, a Wilton Candy set $3.38 and 2 Family fun books (not pictured ) .50 each.

I also found Pilgrim Nutcrackers 70% off.  There were several Halloween monsters available, and only one set of these.  Normally $12.99 each, I was happy to find them for only $3.89 each. 

So.. if you have a Target nearby, you might want to see what great deals you can find. 

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