Monday, September 10, 2012

Sonic's New Home

You know you have been wondering all day..   How is the hamster doing?    After girl scouts today  we went to the pet store to get a new cage. She HAD to have the cage with a zillion pieces.   We then  had to lock ourselves in the bathroom to keep the curious kitties away while we put it together.

Sonic wondering what is going on..

You need an engineering degree to figure out how to put this cage together.  Seriously, it took us almost an hour because of all the pieces that did not quite seem to fit together.

She wanted this particular cage because of the giant wheel on the top.  After struggling to put it together, she had a few second thoughts.  We were determined to get it done  though!

It turns out Sonic  is too small to turn the big wheel.  It doesn't move freely like his  used to.  Once she took it off and turned it on its side, she couldn't get him out.

We ended up going back to the pet store one more time to get a small wheel for him to use in the bottom part of his cage.  We also removed anything near the bookcase that Reeses the naughty kitty could have used to jump on the shelf.   Sonic had a rough morning, but should have a good night in his new home.

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