Saturday, August 6, 2022

Dare to Share #531

It's Friday night, and you know what that means.. 

It is time to Dare to Share! 

Well as I mentioned last week, we are currently on vacation.  We have spent a few days at my moms and have done some fun things.  

Early in the week we had chance to go to a fun roadside stop in Missouri call Uranus Fudge Factory. While it does have a fudge factory with amazing fudge, it also has some other fun attractions like the largest belt buckle, a small side show museum, a resident cat mascot, and novelty gift shop.  We spent about an hour there, and all of us enjoyed it. 

Another place we stopped near Springfield is Lamberts Cafe in Ozark, Missouri.  It is known for their tossed rolls. When I say tossed rolls, I really do mean they throw hot bread at you, and you try to catch it.  I was sitting close to where the bread thrower was standing,  so I did catch my roll.   

Lamberts was another stop that the entire family enjoyed.  Our server Cassie was awesome, and the atmosphere was lively. The meals and drinks were good, and also massive.  We will definitely stop there again the next time we visit.

On our first full day at my mom's house, my brother and his kids came to visit.  One of the teen girls asked if we could go visit the local cat cafe. Everyone wanted to go, so off we went.  This was also a fun experience.  There is a cafe where you can enjoy drinks, before you go into the cat room to play and mingle with all the cats and kittens. They were all so sweet, and enjoyed the attention.  The cat in the tie is Mr. Boots. He is one of the resident cats, and the one in charge.  

On Wednesday we visited Red Oaks 2.  If you have ever heard of the artist Lowell Davis, it is a small old fashioned village that he created by moving and restoring structures that were no longer being used.  It is now a tourist attraction, and neighborhood for a handful of people.  

It was part memories of the past, part art museum, and part farm.   Even though there were some private residences in Red Oaks 2, you were encouraged to walk around and explore many of the old buildings, take photos, and admire Lowell Davis's art.  We met one of the locals whose chickens had escaped their enclosure.  She came over to greet us.  She was very nice, and told us about how much she loved living there. She gave us a little bit of background of the area, and encouraged us to check out all the little special things hidden on the property.  This is another place that we would like to visit again, especially after reading more about it online once we got home.   

As you are reading this, we just got done spending a fun day at Branson.  A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post that we would be visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center .  Well we had the chance to visit today, and I will be sharing more about my vacation week in Missouri in a couple of new posts early in the week! 

Since it is late, and I am exhausted from our day, I getter get this party started. Link up and HAVE FUN!! 



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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Dare to Share #530

It is Friday night, and you know what that means. 
It is time to Dare to Share!  

Well after a very productive week on the blog last week, this week not so much.  I have been busy doing other things.  Two days this week we spent time with family who was visiting from  out of state.  We have also been preparing for a fun road trip we have planned.  We are still not totally sure what all we will be seeing other than going to my moms, and a short stay in Branson, but I am sure we will have fun.  

I am excited that I have been selling some of my Road Trip Scavenger Bundles from my Etsy Shop this week.  I am also about 95% finished with a much bigger road trip bundle with games for the entire family. I hope to have that posted before we leave on our trip.  I am definitely bringing a bundle with me to try out all of the games.  

If you have ever thought about making printables, I highly recommend the course from Gold City Ventures lead by Julie and Cody.  I bought the course last year, and I am currently part of their Facebook Group.  That are wonderful teachers and hands on with their students. We meet several times during the month with live Q and As, and they are the must supportive Facebook group I have ever been a part of.   :)

Well it looks like it is time to get this party started.  Link up and HAVE FUN!! 


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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Dare to Share #529

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share!

How is everyone doing?  Is the summer flying for you too? School ended in the middle of June for me, then the last few weeks of June I was working on move.  Then it was 4th of July and now poof, the month is almost over. While I am still working on figuring out my new craft room, and where we are going to put things since the move a few weeks ago, I have been spending more time on my blog and Etsy shop. I was able to write three blog posts this week. 

During last week's party I mentioned that I had some new things in the works for this week. One of those things is my review for Lovepop Birthday Cards.  I have to say, I was really impressed so you might want to read that review. 

We are going to be visiting Branson, Mo in a few weeks. We plan on visiting the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center.  As a member of the US Family Network, I am able to share a coupon for $2 off a ticket that is good until the end of the year so if you are going to Branson, check out that post. 

I have an exciting reason why I posted the third post about the awesome sunflower dishes from the Dollar Tree.  The Dollar Tree contacted me on Instagram a few days ago.  They saw my sunflower dish pictures and asked if they could feature me on their Instagram page.  That was a big YES! My feature should happen very soon, so I wrote a blog post about how the dishes would be great for your fall parties.  

I am in the process of adding some new listings on my Etsy shop, but they are not listed yet.  

Well it is getting pretty late, so I better get the party started.    I am visiting with one of my besties in Michigan tonight.  We went to the dance and now catching up.   Link up and HAVE FUN!! 


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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Dollar Tree Sunflower Dishes - An Amazing Party Find

 With fall right around the corner, I am LOVING the sunflower dish line that Dollar Tree is putting out on the shelves right now. 

** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

These plates are GORGEOUS and definitely affordable at $1.25.  (they are also currently available online in smaller quantities here)

Not only would they make a pretty fall tablescape, but they could also be used a party serving tray, and possibly be turned into a cake plate or tiered tray.  

You can see the 10.5 inch dishes here.  They are currently available in a minimum of 4, and will ship FREE to your local store.

The smaller 8 inch plates have a slight different print with smaller flowers.  They are also currently available in quantities of 4.  You can see them here.

 The bowls are a really nice size at 5.5 inches.  They are currently available in online as well, which you can see here.  Their minimum quantity is 12.  

I LOVE the mug. I think it is my favorite dish in the collection.  Unfortunately they are no longer on the website, so you will need to try to find one in person.  I do occasionally find some with the other mugs in the dish aisle in addition to the main display.  

Which one is your favorite dish in the collection? Let me know in the comments. 

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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Places to see in Branson Missouri - Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center

I am excited! We have decided to go on a road trip in a few weeks, and one of the places we are going to go is Branson Missouri. Once in Branson one place we want to go is the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center.  The center is perfect for families, and has four attractions, with one great ticket price with all the all access pass.  (you can pay separately for the attractions, but the all access pass is a much better deal) 

There are so many reasons why we can't wait visit the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center in Branson.  You will definitely see the building while traveling on highway 76, because it is being climbed by a Great Ape! In the picture, it looks impressive. I can only imagine what it looks like in real life. You can get up and personal with your favorite stars in the wax museum and take photos with them. (I love a photo op!)  Once you are done visiting the stars, you can become one at the Shot for the Stars Mini Golf.  You will be putting through palm trees and paparazzi on this 18 hole course to become one of Hollywood's elite.   If you are a gamer (and we are taking two gamers with us) you can enter a virtual world and using your gaming skills in the Castle of Chaos. You also have the chance to be the chosen one if you rescue Princess Hannah who needs to be rescued in Hannah's Maze of Mirrors which has 288 twists and turns. 

Because I am part of the US Family Guide Network, my readers receive $2 off an all access pass ticket. The coupon is available at this link here, and is good until December 31,2022. There is a limit of 6 admissions per coupon. 

If the picture is not clickable you, can use this link.

Want to learn more about the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center?  Visit

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Monday, July 18, 2022

Lovepop Greeting Cards, a fun way to celebrate


Have your heard of lovepop cards? I will admit that until a few weeks ago, I hadn't.  Recently I was asked if I would be interested in trying .  I looked at the website, and was immediately their birthday cards out.  As a disclaimer, I did receive the cards for this review, but the opinion in this review is 100% mine. 

A few days after I ordered, I received this nice mailer with my cards.  I liked the message on the envelope that let the mail handlers know not to bend the contents inside.  Instead of trying to fit the mailer in the mailbox, my mailperson ran it up to the door and stuck it inside my screen door, so it was in great condition.

There are several different types and sizes of cards on the lovepop website.  The first items I looked at were the 3D popup stickers.  I chose the Hibiscus flower, the cupcake and the birthday bear. They are were all adorable, and could be used in a variety of ways.  They stand about 3 inches tall, and were very easy to assemble. 

Since I love unicorn, I also chose this Awesome Unicorn Play card. I wasn't sure what to expect with the play card, but I was pleasantly surprised. On the cover of the package, I found out that there was a surprise stencil included, and a fun fact on the back of the card. Also on the back of the card is a QR code that takes you to a fun website where you can play interactive games with cute characters.

The card itself is adorable. The unicorn and a few tiny rainbow friends are sitting on a cloud.  There are places on the card where you can use the stencil, and some crayons or colored pencils to personalize the card. 

I also chose three full size cards that were completely different from each others. I love this Party Cat playing on a keyboard. I chose it, because my youngest loves cats.  


One feature that I really like in all of the bigger cards is that they have a pull out note card where you can add a sentiment without having to write on the card itself. 

I chose the Birthday truck because of my love of red trucks.  (if you are interested and also love red farmhouse trucks, you can see my red truck craft post here. )  

This card screams fun to me, with all the fun details like the balloons, banner, and party animal passengers.  

I also have a love of gnomes, so I chose the Woodland Gnome Birthday Cake.  I noticed the card was a bit thicker than the others, which made since since it is the biggest pop up. 

I love all the tiny details on this card. (my picture does not do it justice.  At the top of the cake are several candles with a teeny tiny tea party table in the middle.  They happy gnomes are waving and  holding tea cups.  Around the cake are wrapped gifts and adorable mushrooms.  If you know someone who also loves gnomes, they would definitely like getting this card. 

The lovepop website is super easy to navigate.  They have cards for all types of occasions (anniversary, wedding, graduation, sympathy, new baby and more)  and all the holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and more). I already have my eye on some of their Halloween cards, because they super cool and would make great decor pieces. 

If you want to save some money, they have promotions such as their current 15% off for Christmas in July.  Another promotion is when you buy 5 large cards in the same order, their large cards are discounted to $10.   If you buy a lot of cards, you might also want to look into their rewards program where you earn points to receive rewards.  

Do you have a favorite card in this review? Let me know in the comments below. 

I am very glad I had the chance to do this review, so I could share these awesome cards with you.  

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Friday, July 15, 2022

Dare to Share #528

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Happy Friday! This week flew by pretty quickly. I am starting to settle in more from my move.  We are still slowing figuring out where are going to put things, and most of the boxes are out of the garage. My craft room has made some progress as well. All of the shelving is in place, so now I can start figuring out how to organize all of my craft supplies.  I have a lot of stuff, so it might take me some time to figure out what works best for me.  

While I did not publish a blog post this week, I do have several things in the works for next week.  I will be posting a review on some really cool cards I received sometime in the next few days. 

I have been working on my Etsy Shop  and creating new listings.  I have a Christmas in July sale going on through tomorrow, and I added a new listing today.  We are going on a road trip in the next few weeks, and I thought it would be fun to take along some printable road trip games.  This is my scavenger hunt listing.  I have a bigger bundle with even more games for teens and adults that I hope to get posted soon. 

If you saw my Dollar Tree Glass Blowout Sale post and saw the code on $5.99 shipping on all orders through July 16 with the code SAVENOW,  I received word that they will be continuing the $5.99 shipping July 18th-July 20th with the code SHIPBTS.  They have added their Halloween Crafting SuppliesFall Decor, and many of their Back to School Essentials to their website this week. 

This weekend we are having a family reunion.  I will be meeting several of my boyfriend's extended relatives for the first time.  We will be on a lake for the day, and I am really looking forward to all the food.  I will let  you know how it goes. 

My question for this week.  Have you attended a family reunion recently?  How did it go? 

Well it is time to get this week's party started. Link up and HAVE FUN!! 


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Friday, July 8, 2022

Dare to Share #527

It is Friday night, and you know what that means.. 
It is time to Dare to Share! 

Wow what a week I have had since I last posted. It doesn't feel like I moved just a week ago.  There are still things that need to be done, but we have been able to take a breath and get some rest again.  While I am still unpacking, I am also back working on the computer.  Can you believe I wrote three blog posts this week?!  Here is just some of what I have been up to. 

I wrote more about my move in my post, I survived my move!

A fun post I wrote is Minion Party Ideas. Over the years I have shared a lot of Despicable Me Party posts and with the popularity of the new Minion movie, I thought the time was right to re-share some of those old posts. 

Earlier today I wrote a post about Dollar Trees summer glassware blowout and special shipping deal (with code) in my post Cant Miss Dollar Tree Glassware Blowout and flat rate shipping.  If you love the Dollar Tree like I do, you will want to follow me over on Instagram where I share my Dollar Tree hauls and diys.

There has been some things going on over at my Etsy Shop this week as well.  I just added a new meal planner with grocery lists listing, and started a Christmas in July sale on many of my holiday items in the shop.  

I also have something fun in the works.  I was contacted by a specialty card company earlier this week, and I will soon be reviewing some of their products.  They look really cool, so I think it will be a fun post to share.  

There is still a lot to be done this weekend in the craft room and with the unpacking, but we have been making a lot of progress.  

With all of that news, what fun things have you been up to? Let me know in the comments. 

Are you ready to get the party started?  Link up and HAVE FUN! 



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Cant Miss! Dollar Tree Glass Blowout and Flat Rate Shipping

I LOVE the Dollar Tree! I love it so much, that I have a Dollar Tree themed Instagram page with over 13,000 followers, and I became an affiliate because I can't stop talking about talking about all the great finds I find while doing my Dollar Tree hauls. 

** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

This morning I woke up to an exciting newsletter that I knew I just had to share.  One of the best items you can find for all types of parties at the Dollar Tree  is their glassware.  They are currently having a Summer Glass Blowout of their glassware on their website through July 25th.  Another great bonus, is everything is available in small quantities so you don't have to buy an entire case. 

There is even more exciting news, not only can you still ship your orders FREE to your local store,  July 10th through July 16th you can also get FLAT RATE shipping directly to your house for only $5.99 with the code SAVENOW 

These Yucatan Margarita Glasses are 13.5 ozs are amazing! (min 4) 

These short stemmed brandy glasses are currently on Close Out with limited quantities left.  They could be really cool for crafting.  (min 4) 

If you are having a wedding or bridal shower, they have several wedding essentials available online as well.  On their site they have party and craft ideas for your celebration. 

It is also not too late for all your summer party needs, if you are looking for items that are running low in store. 

What are your favorite items to buy at the Dollar Tree?  

Be sure to follow me over on Instagram for my latest Dollar Tree finds, and coming very soon (once the craft room is  done being set up)  Dollar Tree DIYs and crafts. 

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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Minion - Despicable Me Party Ideas

As many as you know, I have been a bit busy in recent months, teaching school and then moving to a different state. Now that things are starting to settle down again, I am actually able to watch a little bit of TV.  I have been seeing stories about the new movie Minions, the Rise of Gru.  I have not have the chance to see this new movie yet, but I most likely will.  I have watched all of the Despicable Me and Minion movies in the past and enjoyed them.  I have also shared many party idea posts over the years, so I thought now might be a great time to re-share them with the new movie being released.  

I shared my How to Make Despicable Me Minions post the summer of Despicable Me 2, where some of the minions are purple and evil.  This was one of my favorite Despicable Me crafts that I have ever made. I still have these little guys somewhere. 

I share several party idea posts like how to make these Minion Party Bags

Interested in making your own party favors?

You can see them in this post Despicable Me Party Favors

Another fun post was Despicable Me Party Food and Games,  where I share a lot of some decoration ideas, game ideas and these yummy Minion treats 

Stay tuned for some new Minion movie ideas, as soon as I am able to watch the new movie!  


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