Saturday, August 20, 2011

Flower Power

This afternoon Kara attended a birthday party held at a local flower shop.   We arrived in the middle of a thunderstorm which was quite an adventure, but once inside we had  very nice time.  Each of the children  were given a flower pot, foam, and several flowers to make thier own flower arrangements.  

Kara decided to  try and use one of every flower.  Once the flowers were added, they were also given accessories such as butterflies, birds, glitter picks and more.    

Kara spent at least an hour trying to decide which bird she wanted for her arrangement.  She really could not decide what she wanted to do.  Finally at the end of the party, she asked if she could buy the other 2 since they were only supposed to have 1 bird each.  The sweet woman who owned the flower shop told her that she could have all 3 since she knew how hard it been for her to decide.   I hope she is not always this indecisive. LOL!  I love how her arrangement turned out.  Several people told her she did a great job with her arrangement, so who knows she might now have another creative passion.  

Most of children who attended the party were in the 10 yr old range, who thought the flower arranging was a lot of fun.   Their craft and take home gift was their flower arrangements.   Flower Power could be a great theme for an older child, teen or even a mom get together. 

You can find directions to this cake and man other flower themed cakes on

You can find a more simple version of a flower garden cake can be found on   

If you prefer cupcakes to cake, these individual flower cupcakes are from the site

I also found some really good flower cake pop tutorials.  Make sure to check out this rose cake pop from   has step by step pictures on how to make these fancier versions as well. 

If you would prefer to make your own flowers,  ou can find this version at
Make these gorgeous coffee filter roses with the instructions from

Find 50+ free flower templates and tutorials at

Serve a veggie flower plate  found here at
or these veggies cups from

Whatever you would decide to do, it would be sure to be colorful and beautiful. 

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