Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun Finds at Target..

I found a couple of grear finds for 75% off  this week at Target  that would be perfect for parties. Both items were  on an endcap in the kitchen section. 

One of my finds was this solar lantern.  It was $12.99 marked down to only $3.24. My store had this one in white,  and a green pattern version.  I really like the fact that all you have to do is sit it out in the sun, and then you have 8 hours of run time with a LED light.  No worrries on using batteries or lighting candles.  There was also a larger size  that was a few dollars more. 

Another great find was this striped serving set also 75% off.  It was orginally $4.99, now marked down to $1.24.  This would be cute at a rainbow party, flower party, or anything with bright colors. 

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  1. i LOVE target!!

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