Friday, August 19, 2011

Its a Puppy Party

There are two reasons why I chose puppies as the theme for today.  The first is because this time of year is considered the "dog days" of summer.  I didnt really know why this time of year is called that, so I did a little research.  Some believe that it is for the hottest days of the summer (which this year were in July), but it is actually for the Sirius, "the dog star".   Back in Roman times they noticed that starting in late July and lasting about a month, Sirius woud rise and set with the sun.   The days that this happened was from around July 24 to Aug 24.    The second reason I chose the dog theme is because this weekend my girls and I will be helping  at the Humane Society booth  at a local festival.  We will be getting the word out about all that our Humane Society does, and hopefully adopting out some dogs to their forever homes. 

Cute "Dog Treats"

Family Fun has directions on how to make  this dalmation cake 

Check out this  adorable cake and real life puppy   from
Parents,com  has directions on how to make cute dog cupcakes, from the book  Hello Cupcake

If  you would prefer cake pops, how about the  little pups from Bakerella  

Some "puppy chow"  food ideas

* Buy plastic dog bowls from the dollar store.  Serve cocoa puffs  or homemade puppy chow  made from chex mix
*Use a bone shaped cookie cutter and make bone sandwiches
*Wrap hot dogs with crescent rolls and add dough on the ends, to make dog bones.  We made these for a couple of my son's parties that we held before we owned a digital camera.
*A scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips
* Scooby Snacks graham crackers
*Pillsbury bread dough sticks make to look like rawhide


These are pictures of pictures so they might not be the best quality.  We had a Blues Clues Party for my son's 2nd birthday.  I covered the chair in red fabric to look like Steve's chair. (Joe did not come on the scene for a couple more years)   I alsomade blue felt ears that he pulled off is head as I took this picture.

This picture just cracks me up! The look on his face is priceless.  He is staring at the cake, like he is a bit unsure what he is supposed to do.   You can also see the blue clues ears in this picture. 

I made the blues clues cake from a round circle cake and several cupcakes.  Hershy kisses were the eyes, and I used blue gel for the nose and spots. 
When he turned 3, he still loved dogs, but that year was really into Scooby Doo.   We made Scooby years out of craft foam.   The dog collar was made from ribbon loosely tied around their necks and the ID also from craft foam.  It was attached to the ribbon with a brad.    I wish I had taken a lot more pictures of the parties but at the time I did not know I would have a party blog 10 years later.  This was also before I had the wonderful invention called the "digital camera".   LOL!

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