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About Me 


Hi! I am Pam. I am very glad you stopped to visit me here on Pam's Party and Practical Tips. 

My three loves! 

I am the very busy mom of these three!  Now that they are growing up, they keep me on my toes. They are also the reason why I started this blog. 

When they were younger, they loved it when I threw them themed parties.   Each one of them has special memories of their birthday parties.  Some of the fun themes my oldest daughter Kristina  had were  Madeline, Under the Sea, American Girl, Unicorn, and Hollywood Movie Night.  Kyle has had many fun themes as well.  He has had a Dinosaur, Space, Magic, Pokemon, Scooby Doo, Safari, and Honey I Shrank the Kids party.   Not to be outdone, Kara has had a Lilo and Stitch Luau, Tinkerbell, Horse, Beach, Woodland, and a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Party.  This summer she had a more grown up Art Themed Slumber Party.  They are now choosing not to have a big themed party, in favor of doing something with just a friend or two.  As a person who loves to throw parties, you can imagine how bummed I am when they tell me they prefer not to have a party this year.  I created this website as a creative outlet for me so I could  share my love of throwing parties, and all the fun things that come with it.  I also really enjoy sharing craft ideas, recipes, our family activities, and practical tips that make life easier for me and my family.   

Kyle's Parties 

1. Kyle posing with his cardboard triceratops
                                                2. Kids on safari in the backyard 
                                                3. Happily smiling with his Pokeball cake 
                                                4. Putting on a magic show for all of his guests

Kara's Parties 

5. Kara's guests sat on her new horse Buttercup
                                             6. Falling food at our Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 
                                             7. Cardboard Surfboards set the tone at our Beach Bash 
                                             8. Pretty as a picture at our Art Themed Slumber Party

Cream the Bunny, and the Flying Chameleon 

As a kid, I had a love for making things.  I used to want to be a fashion designer or artist.  When I grew up, that love continued. I studied fashion in college, and got my degree in Human Ecology. (the fancy name for Home Economics)  While I still liked fashion,  I did not really plan on having a big career, I knew I wanted to get married and have kids.  A few years after college I met that man I was going to marry. (You won't see him much on the blog, he does not like to have his picture taken. My oldest daughter tends to be camera shy too) We got married 20 years ago, and a few years after that the kids came into the picture.   One thing great about our kids, is they also have very creative minds. They give me a reason to use my degree. Each Halloween they come up with the craziest ideas for costume's and ask me to make them.  They are the reason why I am so resourceful, because where  are you going to find a flying chameleon or a hatching chicken costume.   You have to make it yourself. 

The fox, Domo, and the praying mantis
The raccoon, the dinosaur and the hatching chicken 


Last year the blog became a family affair.  Kyle started to share his love of cooking in his own series, Cooking with Kyle.  He wanted us to eat a little healthier after taking health in school. I told him to come up with some healthy recipes that he would be willing to eat. Now that he is starting high school, he has not been cooking quite as much, but I am still hopeful he will share some more of his kitchen expertise. 
Kara is my mini me in more ways than one.  Not only does she look a lot like me, she has the creative bug. I can always find her in the craft room digging through supplies, or coming up with new designs. She also has the love of fashion design. She has made countless outfits for her Webkinz, and has even started making clothes for her hamster.   Her love of crafts was noticed by others as well. She was asked to be a contributor on the site, and is the youngest designer on the site.  She often shares crafts for kids on her series Crafting with Kara. 

Here are some of the places where I contribute     
Your Modern Family                                        

Contact Me 

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  1. Fun! I am so blah when it comes to parties. Minimal. BUT I did throw my daughter a great LIttle House party. It was loads of fun to plan AND party.


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